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Blog Post #5 Sonic Example

After listening to episode 5, “sound in the ways of hearing” by Damon Krukowshi, we often use sound to pass the time in our daily lives. Furthermore, it has the ability to change the way we feel. Anywhere we go we are always hearing the sound. In many ways sound affects our mood. For example: when you are taking a stroll around the park, you may hear many different types of sounds. This includes: birds chirping, the tree rustling, the wind blowing, etc. This leads to a very soothing ambience. This also applies to the type of music you hear in your day to day activities. The type of music that I listen to would be a relaxing beat by a chill cow the way the instrument is being played has this calming rhythm that makes the atmosphere in whatever room you are in feel more relaxing to the point that it makes you fall asleep. .

Sonic example

I was born and raised in Medellin, Colombia. I lived in a house, closer to the park I would hear the bells of the church all the time and on the weekend there was noisy music from the bars and restaurants until midnight. I’ve always been a person difficult to disturb while sleeping, I don’t easily wake up because of noises. I used to take the bus and the metro sometimes, when you get on the bus usually there was a peddler rapping or selling candies so they can get some money, they tend to use the same speech all the time. Sometimes I would go to the center of the city with my mom, immediately you are at the station you could hear people on the street selling things shouting out loud, you could hear crazy people talking nonsense and sellers trying to make you buy something from their store, also you could hear the honks of buses and cars because there was always too much traffic. I often compare the center of my city with the Roosevelt Ave. In my city I liked to go to little concerts, often there were just local bands, and they had like a stand where they sell things like shirts or their albums, but sometimes they brought bands from other countries, one time they brought Papa Roach and the incredible part is that it was free. Definitely it’s not the same listening to a band through a digital device than listening to a band in real life, you feel a great joy while you are singing along with one of your favorite artists, is a moment you will remembrance all your life.

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 according to episodes“ways of hearing” states that the digital tools change our perception and the way we think such as time, love, money. have you ever spent one hour listening to one song?  In my childhood memory, I had heard my grandmother listen to this singer and she told me some of her memorable stories about her favorite female singer. Om Kalthoum was singing once a month so my grandmother and people in the village waited for om Kalthoum concert on the radio, she used to sing in first Thursday in every month at 9 o’clock the whole villagers sat on one place to hear her new song and every song took proximately one hour after television release my grandmother sat in her couch for watching Om Kalthom, I used to get mad, I told her how did you spend one hour to listen to one song, I can listen to ten songs instead of one. My grandmother told me technology influenced your life and impact your way of thinking. That is exactly happening as the ways of hearing episodes present it. Om Kalthum sang one hour without stopping, now singer sing around 4 minutes, that about time. The other difference is love, in episode According to Krukowski, states the main difference between a microphone and a cellphone is the music quality microphone makes sound clear but the cell phone makes sound quality worse and more aggressive. Her sound was clear and people felt close to her song words and her feeling, as frank Sentra said in one of his interviews the way of using the microphone and the distance from his microphone change the tones and feeling made people felt close to him without knowing him as a person, in contrast, the musician now using technology tools to improve their voice and that made people donot feel the song. The problem with a cellphone is to transfer words without feeling and sound of music. Om Kalthoum’s song was on the radio and for free, it was available for people to hear, however, if you would see her on the stage you would have had to buy her concert tickets. Moreover, my grandmother said to me if you fall in love, you will listen to her song and feel how she described what you feel and that happened. 


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Often there are always headphones around. Initially, the earphone was large and heavy in weight and was limited to military use, but now it has become small and inexpensive, and there is also a wireless type. In 1877 Edison invented the phonograph, and the headphones were very primitive, but they were widely accepted. Then, in 1910, Nathaniel invented the first form of modern headphones, so some things were large and connected to each other. Until we arrived in 1979 and Sony invented the Walkman device with relatively small speakers, this was the starting point for mobile music. In the year 2001, Apple invented portable and latent headphones. And after that big headphones returned in 2008 through Beats. In 2016, it was the great invention presented by Apple, which is the wireless headphones that work via Bluetooth. Now that the headphones have become an important part of any phone, companies compete with each other to produce headphones of new design and high quality.

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Nowadays, many people feel anxious and uncomfortable because they have numerous of stress from their work, study and family.Some of them might even can not have a good sleep at night.However, listening to the sounds of rain and thunder can really comfort them and relief their anxiety.All of us are very familiar to these sounds and I believe I don’t need to describe them to you in detailed. I suppose the reason why we will feel relax when listening to the sounds of rain and thunder is because they are sounds of nature.Trying to image this scene, you are walking in a park with grasses and flowers on both of your sides.Meanwhile,there’s breeze blowing around you, rains are slightly dropping on the ground and thundering occasionally.Of course, this is my own imagination.However, everyone will have a picture in his mind when listening these natural sounds.Whatever the picture is, it must be picture which make you relax and comfortable.

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[4k, 60 fps] A Trip Through New York City in 1911

Upscaled with neural networks 1911 New York footage taken by the Swedish company Svenska Biografteatern on a trip to America: 💌 You can reach me here: https:…

Our present and future is the time of digital technology. However, with the help of these technologies, we have the opportunity to see the past. For example, the presented video demonstrates an example of how analog video, having survived a century, comes to life in digital format. Initially, this 1911 New York video was filmed by the Swedish company Svenska Biografteatern and was shot three days before the outbreak of World War I. The video shows the routine life of New York which has not changed even a century later. This old video has been digitally processed; video frequency was slowed down and city sounds added. These sounds influence the perception of the viewer helping to see and feel exactly that day. In this retrospective video, the sounds are guidelines, catch attention, and orient the viewer in space. Therefore, the transformation of historical analog films using digital instruments helps to see things familiar to the eye from a different angle.

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Almost every morning, I wake up with the sound of cars passing by my window and the song of birds outside. They are the most precise wake-up alarm clocks for me on weekdays. When I am boring having nothing to do, I’d like to hear the different kinds of sound around me. The sound of the wind passing through the leaves are slightly different depending on seasons. In the summer, the breeze is gentle. When it blows through the leaves, its sound is amazing just like the wind chime which slowly flows into your ears like clear streams. I’d like to seat near my windows looking at the tree outside. When the breeze blows, the leaves are dancing with the beautiful music produced by themselves. The shadow of the tree also dances for them. It is a perfect performance for our summer days. In the winter, the tree becomes the battleground for wind and dried leaves. When the cold wind hits the tree, I can hear the cry and shout of the leaves. The branches are shaking intensely protecting their friends —- leaves. The cold wind seems laugh at the dried leaves for their stubborn. It is a sad story for our winter days.

sonic example

growing in the street with that free space and the joy of life , I saw and participated in group musical in my country Togo,  West Africa . Back in the days , we didn’t have digital instruments to create our music or record what we have been doing but here is what and how we used to make things interesting to our audience. Everything that we were using was hand  made .For example to create the sound we used empty pots  with sticks . We used wood with cord to make guitars . With such things we make music for people with a good ambience and the  songs that we were singing was memorised . It was true we didn’t have chances to get digital tools but the kind of music that we were make was pure and understandable  . some youths have even convert the way we were doing our songs with digital  called Afrobeat . In that , the beats sound  is mix with jazz , blues, techno , dancehall .

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  sonic example

 This example is interesting because this is like my routine. Every day I wake up with noise such as the sound of traffic, chrim, and cell phone alerts. If we go outside there is a lot of noise in our society that we can hear. Hearing is unconscious. The sounders just from outside come to our ears. However, it is different to listening. After listening to “Ways of Hearing”, I have started to consider what kind of sounds that we can hear and listen to. Most times people may just hear something, and they do not listen. When we hear our brains do not work, they  just  hear without thinking. In addition, when people listen to something, it is conscious. We do not want to hear the noise, and we separate from the reality. We feel we are safe but we are not. If we are trying to listen to these noises, maybe it is different, they are like music. They are much better than wearing headphones to listen to noise music. All sound is noise, all sounds from noise, e, the thing is what matters is the attitude people adopt to listen to it.

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I heard first time the song “Desi Thoughts” by A.R. Rahman, when I was watching “A Million Dollar Arm” movie. There are no words, it is instrumental, and it touched my heart. When I listen to the sound of violins and guitar and other instruments, my mind connects with those sounds, capturing all my thoughts.  

Based on Krukowski podcast, this music was played in that analog time, when the composer A.R. Rahman and Prasanna group from Berkley College of music were paying a tribute in that real moment, it cannot be redone or changed. Each musician is living in that moment and is feeling those notes and sound which, they are producing on their instruments. 

Through this music the composer is making a balance between Indian well and Western sensibilities. First the composer watched the movie, and later he reflected on song ideas. This music has some meditative moments and has the profundity which we are looking for.  

A. R. Rahman Meets Berklee – Desi Thoughts ft. Prasanna (6 of 16)

Grammy and Academy award winning composer, A. R. Rahman performed with, and was paid tribute to, by Berklee College of Music at Symphony Hall, Boston, on Oct…