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ways of hearing /episode 5: Power


Episode 5

D1 : By saying , “the marginal-the rejected-the repressed-is whatever the powerful have decided  is of no use at the moment .”Mr Krukowski want to share with people the significance of the critic . And also suggest by there that music wasn’t appreciated through CDs anymore because everything is moved fast now and it is easier for people to download music instead of going to store and purchasing CDs.Tapes and CDs are less appreciated .

D2  Music Listening experiences enabled by Forces Exposure taking time to get everything heard . If you have to listening or make a searching of a song , you must scroll thousands of of them before you got it while those that Paul lamer is working on with platform like Spotify is easier to access and decrease the time that you spend searching .

D3 : Being surprised by music is like hearing songs that we haven’t  heard before but is not that we heard it and discovering it is not ever new because we listening g to song that had ever exist .According to the author , both are not the same  and he mentions that surprise is not a helping thing . He went further asking question like :  “did google want to surprise us when we’re searching for something? Did facebook want to surprise us when we look for a friend ? ”

Episode 6

D1: Noise is everything else that doesn’t  interest us and signal is whatever is interested to us .volume alone cannot let us detect signal from noise.Everything around us is signal as long as it is not important to us but when we are in  a crowded  noise and somebody tells us things that we are interested to , so it become signal . It is really significant because these differences are important in terms of how our brain focuses on what we actually want to hear and less probably to disturbed by the surroundings noises .

D2 : In every noise there is a signal and base on the noise we can deduce signal but both are really related because when we turn the volume down we cannot hear the signal .

D3 : It Is related to all others episodes because it clearly  gives some details and present good   definition  and explanation of “ways of hearing in general .

sonic example

growing in the street with that free space and the joy of life , I saw and participated in group musical in my country Togo,  West Africa . Back in the days , we didn’t have digital instruments to create our music or record what we have been doing but here is what and how we used to make things interesting to our audience. Everything that we were using was hand  made .For example to create the sound we used empty pots  with sticks . We used wood with cord to make guitars . With such things we make music for people with a good ambience and the  songs that we were singing was memorised . It was true we didn’t have chances to get digital tools but the kind of music that we were make was pure and understandable  . some youths have even convert the way we were doing our songs with digital  called Afrobeat . In that , the beats sound  is mix with jazz , blues, techno , dancehall .

Ways of Hearing Episodes 3&4 /Discussion 4

Episode 1

D1 : The main difference between a microphone and a cellphone according to Krukowski is that the microphone has a proximity affect but the cellphone doesn’t have it and that is important because when  transmitting ,the cellphone lost the full rang of sound pick up by the mic.

D2: Krukowski and prof Gary Tomlinson  assert about the  “musical” qualities  of the voice  that was good because when singing on microphone  people know your voice very well .But these changed by digital transmission is getting worse .

D3: The significance of Krukowski’s comments on the voice to ideas about community and interpersonal connection  is the way people are capable to recognise voices . Digital tools make it possible to share our word across  great distances  but they failed us in so many ways as we tried to communicate one to one . The sound of our voice across digital life is limited .

Episode 2

D4: For me the issue of music file sharing is a good thing  for musicians to be more popular . By sharing their file , they travel across the world and will be well known .It is kind of goo interesting to know someone works even you hadn’t got chance to meet him one on one . Yes music should be freely available to audience  in term of where they are listening it but for those who want to see they musician performing live must pay for it .

D5 : Money is the main key which is representing  the relationship between music ,community and culture because doing everything turns around it . How to become worthy making music , how to keep this essence of music in the community and so on .

D6: According to me charging money for music impede the formation of communities around this music .

Ways of Hearing Blog Post #4

Billie Eilish – when the party’s over (Live From The Grammys)

No Description

I tried to just upload the link only but I am not that really  well  good at tech so I came out with the entire video. By all the way Billie live performance is one of rarely performances which I really saw the way digital has took over of how manageable is the time and the space accordant to how the sound can be held at one place for a specific event . As it is described  in the  ways of hearing “episode 1 &2 ” of Krukowski , I felt like here in this video , the sound  which is very very loud was live indoor  and at the same time available to those who are in front of their screens . The digital time travels beyond our perspective of hearing and living the past in the present . For example this video was done couple months ago but it is still available to who want it . What you just have Ito do is to search .

Ways of hearing Discussion Question #5

Episode 1 :

D1 : According to Krukowski the time  in “real” World is difficult to back up because once it is happened that is it So he compared it with how the record on tape saying there is no undo and if you had time and money  , you could  try again but we could not back  what is done is done weather it is better or worse . With  digital time everything is previsional , we reshape , rebuild , redone .

D2 :By saying listening has a lot to do with how we navigate space , Krukowski want to let us know  how we are rely on sounds that we hear and has that memory from  where we heard them .

Episode 2

D3 : Saying developers in Astor Place are “privatising  public space in a very stealth way”, Jeremiah Moss means place are cautionary preserved because it is heritage that we have that . The city is moving so fast and it  seems out of control because of wealths willing to take over of all. It is like reducing people how they are going to use the space.

D4 : The development of concert halls arose from desire to “control interior space ” is a kind of controlling the sounds . It is a way of controlling the sound in the street . It is a key way of excluding the noise around people .According to Krukowski, earbuds and headphones will reduce the noise and at the same the wearer hear what h want to hear .

D5 : according to me , the keys ideas from this episode about the relationship between sound and space   are : isolation , control ,admiring .

Discussion questions #4

DQ 1 :

According to Berger ,” publicity” images Influence consumers because it proposes us, we, in consumer society  that bee change ourselves or our lives by buying something more , and the “more ” publicity persuades us . It also will make us in some way richer ,even though we will be poorer by having  spent our money. It persuades us of this transformation by showing us who have apparently been transformed and are, as a result , enviable .And the way publicity persuade, transformed into envy people is what constitutes glamour .That’s why Berger said  publicity is the process of manufacturing glamour.Glamour goes deeper than how things looks.For example , we bought things online or in store  by simply because we felt in love of how they look or they was displayed .but at the end that we got them we realise we don’t even don’t need them necessarily.

DQ 2 ;

As Berger compares oil painting to publicity (advertising) photography, he argues that oil painting “showed what the owner was already enjoying among his possessions and  way of life;” “it enhanced his view of himself as he already was”.Whereas publicity pictures, “appeal to a way of life that we aspire to or think we aspire to .” these differences are important because they have much in common . Sometimes ,publicity impersonates a painting. Examples of real people pose like figures in Manet’s Dejeuner Sur L’Herbe.Works of art are used to give prestige to a publicity scene .

DQ 3 :

The dream of faraway place , as described Berger , To lie down on a bed , to allow one’s thoughts to pass through the light of the window , to travel elsewhere , conjuring images. Distances without horizons . To be two worlds at the same time , just where Europe ends .The other world,  violent , infidel, full of Unknown passions. wearing your own clothes next to your own skin, you join the nomads .It is dawn . You are innocent ,you are pure , you are ready to travel again. Publicity works on the imagination but it does something else too . Because publicity pretends to interpret the world around us , and to explain everything in its own terms .It adds up to a kind of philosophical system. We felt in such  traps willing to try to live our dreams as reality Without weight the price that we have to pay for .


ways os seeing / Blog #3

1 Answers of questions From Chapter 2.2 Prewriting in English.

There are four types of Writing : expository , descriptive , persuasive  and narrative.

  • Is the purpose of the essay to educate , announce, entertain or persuade ?

The purpose of the essay is to persuade  because in this essay , the instructor teaches and shows the important of prewriting before the final writing.Doing so is the most good key that will lead you to come out with a good standing out essay

  • Who might be interested in the topic of essay ?

Usually  we think that it is only the graders  who might be interested to the essays topics . But besides them , our essay’s topics that we chose  go fare beyond those who we think they reading it .Students  , peers and reviewers ( writing tutors, peer mentors ) , Readers , professors are interested at too .

  • who will be impacted by the essay or the information within it ?

It is the reader who would be impacted by the essay or the information  within it that’s why when the writer is writing is essay , he chose wisely hi topic , which may convince the reader.

  • What does the reader know about this topic ?

The reader know that the topic should be useful, give important informations and he also pay attention about the structure of the topic .

  • What the reader need to know in order to understand the essay’s point ?

The reader needs to know that any writer should be able to show  well his organisation, confidence and  clarity.

  • What kind of hook is necessary to engage the readers and their interest  ?

All start in the introduction , because a good one let the reader to have a ” “taste” of what will be the next . And it comes with a meaningful  general idea , a good and sensitive theses statements.

  • What level of language is required ? Words that are too subject-specific may make the writing difficult to grasp for readers unfamiliar with the topic .

The level of language requires is the Academic one and it should be clear with words which are not difficult to be understood. Every chosen words should have its sense it the context.

  • What is an appropriate  tone for the topic ? A humorous tone that is suitable for an autobiographical narrative essay may not work for more serious persuasive essay .

The appropriate tone for the topic is persuasive essay , the instructor is telling and teaching the student how to do and write a good essay . He is convincing the student to change her ways of writing in order to succeed .

2 The draft of an opening paragraph

Usually , some students , before writing their draft essay , organise their work by prewriting the topic of what the have to develop in it .In contrast , some think it is  unnecessary  to do so and then jump straight  to the essay  or they  are afraid of  being catch up with their time management.Therefore they end  with unclear essay or  get stuck because they lack of ideas to  develop their essay .


John Berger’s ways of seeing episode 2/discussion question #3

Discussion 1 :

According to Berger , there is distinction  between nakedness  and the  nude female form as it traditionally represented in western art.He pointed out then that in nude book of Clark, He  defines nakedness  as :  a person “women or men  ” who’s standing  without clothes on her/him  and nudity is a form of art .But for Berger , To be naked , is to be yourself and to be nude is to be seeing naked by others and not recognise for ourself. He then adds saying a nude need has to be seeing as an  object in order to be a nude. And that’s fact while looking at yourself naked does disturb as when others are looking at you naked .When you really display your nakedness, that gives people opportunity to judge , critic , or some even enjoying it when they are looking at .Yes it does apply on images that I have encountered in my experience . when I’m looking at myself I don’t have problem with that but when I am looking to some graphic of people I have that sensation  that I want to be like them . maybe they big muscle than I have .

Discussion 2:

According to Berger , western works of art have depicted and defined in different roles for men and women because men looked at women and women watch  themselves to be looked at .for example when a couple want to go out of dinner , the man takes a shot time to be prepared while the  woman has a lot to do and takes long to get it done .Women really care of how people will look at them once they are out in public .And even before they go out they predict of how they should look .Yes these depictions influence the ways we think of the differences between men’s and women’s roles in society today . I even wander if that is not the root of the inequality of gender ?

Discusion 3:

Berger describes the significance of the mirror in painting depicting women as men hypocrisy while they drawing a naked woman , enjoying looking at her and  been blamed  by viewers Everybody look at her naked  , and make their judgments on her .The ways beauty is defined in these painting is to be naked and being admired by the viewers . Female are as a site that people come to visit and being available to the spectator.He said displaying women nakedness they look like the expressing the body language  which seems like when you look at her  it is like she looked at you back and knows she doesn’t know you . The kind of more contemporary examples he relate this to for me is how women dress on stage when they want perform .and the connection is They really know that they displaying their body and want people to look at it .


Ways of seeing/Ways of hearing Blog #2

The example of  an image I encountered which attempt to convey a message regarding it is 3 wises Monkey . It was a paintings that displayed 3  same monkeys with different meaning .the first monkey has his hear closed  , the second one in the middle  has closed  his eyes and the third finally has his mouth closed too . This is kind of image that stand up with a message that people could interpret in different ways .first of all , standing in front of it  personally did not let me speechless or thoughtless. I had in my mind formulate a whole story of this image that convey me to change the way I was looking at the world . Questions  as why Shouldn’t I hear , see or talk matter ? What was the really meaning of the image ? Looking around  me , and analysing how some people got in trouble simply because they had said something that they shouldn’t have said  , heard what they shouldn’t hear or saw what they shouldn’t have seen I realise that the message, me the viewer ,who  was looking to  the image would have changed my thoughts .It does really convince me to try to stay away from nonsense-talk  , keep my eyes away from things that does mean to me and chosen well what I want to listen .After that I was really impress and inspired by the image I did the research on internet to figure out if the meaning that I gave to image was matching . I found it on internet in my phone which mean it was possible for me to see it on my screen .The same image with same meaning was on internet in different aspects of viewing . Some edited it in black and white , other in colour .I even saw somewhere that monkeys was clothed . The image come to us , we play with it do whatever we want with it .

That allowed me to take good decision by connecting those life still of living to stay away from trouble . It really effect they way I used to be .I was such a person who wanted to be in the epicentre of talking , hearing and seeing everything but I became more  focused  on things that really matter to me .But its it necessary to be convinced by  images ? Those images  or painting that we are seeing , is it not someone else ideas or  thoughts  , how will that relate to our own point of view ? This image requires alt text, but the alt text is currently blank. Either add alt text or mark the image as decorative.



John Berger’s ways of seeing episode 1

Discusion 1 :

Berger said  that seeing is not natural and it is shaped by habits and conventions because what we see is not just the object or image itself  but our view or mindset of image or object we are looking at .our view or mindset is influenced by environment, society in which we lived , age ,gender, mentality and the way everybody  is supposed to view and perceive things .That mean people will view and have different  opinion or interpretation of a same piece  of Art differently .

Discusion 2 :

According to Berger , the Camera has changed our senses of perception because not only it transferred any artwork to be seeing everywhere in the world at the same time but it could  also permit people to see what  they wouldn’t have chance to see and they could interpret it in different ways at the same time.Regarding artwork the camera could reproduce images in any size ,anywhere and for any purpose.When Berger said ,” describes  the experience of being in the presence of an authentic artwork-at a museum, for instance-in term of “silence” of “stillness ” , he meant that artwork  experience goes beyond what people art teaching about it .He even saw the similarity of viewing art as the measurement of the time which is complex . Seeing artwork  in museum is different differ from seeing it on screen pr in book because we can do whatever we want when seeing it on screen or in book such as move it , play with it .  And he said the latter two medium is never still .

Discusion 3:

Saying reproduction of  painting can become a form of information because the image can be used to convey, persuade a certain ideas to the viewer or narrate an information .He said paintings are no longer stable it comes to us . we saw paintings in the contest of our own life as mention Berger .Paintings  surrendered  with different sounds ,objects , colours in our places .