Blog Post #5 Sonic Example

After listening to episode 5, “sound in the ways of hearing” by Damon Krukowshi, we often use sound to pass the time in our daily lives. Furthermore, it has the ability to change the way we feel. Anywhere we go we are always hearing the sound. In many ways sound affects our mood. For example: when you are taking a stroll around the park, you may hear many different types of sounds. This includes: birds chirping, the tree rustling, the wind blowing, etc. This leads to a very soothing ambience. This also applies to the type of music you hear in your day to day activities. The type of music that I listen to would be a relaxing beat by a chill cow the way the instrument is being played has this calming rhythm that makes the atmosphere in whatever room you are in feel more relaxing to the point that it makes you fall asleep. .