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Discussion Questions #4

Question #1:
Customers are influenced by advertising because they are surrounded by them everywhere they go. All kind of these images are an integral part of our lives and that is why is practically impossible to completely avoid them. We are swallowed by the commercials, and all of those images are stimulating our imagination. Propagation of the product appeals and concentrates on the viewers’ ego. The purpose of the modern way of how we perceive the pictures is to make us believe, that if we get a specific product, not only we could become better people, but we will become the most precious pleasure of the company/society. The only thing we have to do is spend our money and possessed the goods, but that is very misleading and false.

Question #2:
In the old oil paintings, there wasn’t a pictured way, how the person achieved the success or assets. It was rather a celebration of already achieved success. According to Berger, advertising is promoting the product itself but in some desired context of life to attract a buyer. It is very important because many of us unconsciously believe, that by buying the advertised product we buy the acceptance of society as well as a certain lifestyle. I think that nowadays we think success is mainly about possessing some goods and that is not good.

Question #3
A good example of what Berger used was skin. By purchasing promoted products, we are not going to look more beautiful, as it is pictured in the commercials. But many people are imagining, that by buying and using that product their skin and also themselves, will become more desirable and in the center of the attention of others. They believe they will become more popular. But unfortunately, they just became manipulated by the nice pictures.

Discussion Questions #4

  1.  For consumers it proposes/convinces them people like myself of an idea, message or product which will ultimately benefit our lives by buying something more and claiming as our lives will be enriched but in reality we’ll be losing money having spent on the point the advertisement made.   It’s significant since it depicts the buyers in an image of themselves where they will be enviable and result in being seen in themselves as glamorous by the product or idea that it’s trying to sell which is a means of happiness. However it should also be noted without envy glamour can’t exist according to Berger which the status is open to everyone yet only enjoyed by a select few.
  2. It shows the importance as one is an art form and the other which use publicity that often use sculptures or paintings to depict their own message. They both share the same ideals and principle that “you are what you have” but their purposes and effects are different. Publicity while having many direct references to the arts in the past its different as it appeals to a way of living to look up to but haven’t yet accomplished. Publicity images/advertisements claim if you buy into their service or product your way of life which includes even relations and money will flourish thanks to their product. It plays upon your fear of not being wanted , of being enviable, lacking glamour and being a nobody. Whereas the oil painting illustrated the owner of his own possessions and his way of life that he was enjoying already which took into account facts of his life and magnified his view of life.
  3. In the video Berger spoke of three dreams, the one I was interested in is ” The Dream Of Later Tonight”. In this dream the advertisements is using in the form of colorful vivid pictures, illustrations showing everyone smiling, enjoying each other company surrounded by products that give off pleasure. It appeals to you in a way that shows your way of life being glamorous due to the alcohol and cigarette that are what is allowing you to experience such a bliss yet contrary to that you’d also know these can kill you and often be abused.

blog #5

Badshah – Genda Phool | Jacqueline Fernandez | Payal Dev | Hit Anthem of the Year 2021

The hit duo Badshah & Jacqueline Fernandez in this steamy track has broken all records and continues to feature in all the top charts across platforms making it the “Anthem of the Year”. Genda Phool has a distinct folk melody fused with uber urban sounds which marked a new era for Badshah.

Over few months, stuck in home and nothing much to do than listen to music and walk around neighborhood and do english class homework. Through digital the sound have  reached all over the world for example the above video is originated  from India and we here in USA can have access. As an fan of foreign music, digital have brought huge happiness in my life by having   access to all music around the world and able to  listen over and over.

In the music above they have use music and people dancing over it professionally wouldn’t be possible without digital media. Through digital media they were able to edit the song and didn’t required to do all over again. Hearing this music helps me avoid my loud neighbor and also helps avoid noise in street. Music also help me turn up the mood when you feeling tied.

Ways of Hearing Episodes 3&4 /Discussion 4

Episode 1

D1 : The main difference between a microphone and a cellphone according to Krukowski is that the microphone has a proximity affect but the cellphone doesn’t have it and that is important because when  transmitting ,the cellphone lost the full rang of sound pick up by the mic.

D2: Krukowski and prof Gary Tomlinson  assert about the  “musical” qualities  of the voice  that was good because when singing on microphone  people know your voice very well .But these changed by digital transmission is getting worse .

D3: The significance of Krukowski’s comments on the voice to ideas about community and interpersonal connection  is the way people are capable to recognise voices . Digital tools make it possible to share our word across  great distances  but they failed us in so many ways as we tried to communicate one to one . The sound of our voice across digital life is limited .

Episode 2

D4: For me the issue of music file sharing is a good thing  for musicians to be more popular . By sharing their file , they travel across the world and will be well known .It is kind of goo interesting to know someone works even you hadn’t got chance to meet him one on one . Yes music should be freely available to audience  in term of where they are listening it but for those who want to see they musician performing live must pay for it .

D5 : Money is the main key which is representing  the relationship between music ,community and culture because doing everything turns around it . How to become worthy making music , how to keep this essence of music in the community and so on .

D6: According to me charging money for music impede the formation of communities around this music .


People now accept publicity images as part of the environment. They perceive such images as dynamic, or constantly in motion. publicity expresses certain ideas about freedom, including Western notions of economic free enterprise and consumer choice.Publicity images are distinct from the real benefits of the products they sell.Instead, publicity celebrates the future buyer and the glamorous life the buyer might have a life that may cause others to envy them. Therefore, publicity isn’t about items but “social relations.” It promises people they will be happy because others will envy them. Advertisements often use images from oil paintings and sculptures of the past. What makes art so useful to advertisement. publicity like oil painting celebrates consumerism and the principle “you are what you have.” Berger views advertisements as the last form of post-Renaissance Europe’s visual art. Since advertisements must “sell the past to the future,” they have to use the language of the past. Secondly, publicity images often use historical or mythological references, relying on a viewer’s education.



The relationship between oil painting and publicity images, which has been obscured by cultural prestige. Publicity images often make direct reference to past art, either by copying it in some way, or by incorporating the art into the publicity image. This ‘quoting’ of art achieves two things. Art is associated with wealth and beauty, and the publicity image benefits from this. Art also has cultural authority, which makes it superior to mere materialism. This use of art allows the publicity image to promote two almost contradictory things, spiritual or cultural refinement and consumerism. Publicity understands the link in oil painting between the work of art and the spectator-owner and uses these to flatter the spectator-buyer. There is, however, a much deeper link to oil painting.



Berger compares the envied to bureaucrats to show that usually advertisements don’t try to relate to the consumer but attempt to show them what they want to be like. Otherwise, if people are able to connect with the advertisement on a personal level, they wouldn’t have envy and would realize they don’t need the product that is being sold to achieve happiness. Berger’s ideas are applicable to modern day society and I feel that the relationship between publicity and happiness demonstrates an ongoing cycle of selling and buying. I think that advertisements often cause people to feel inadequate and that there is something missing from their lives. A main goal for many people is to have glamour and be envied by others but they are never able to achieve this so they keep on buying things that give them the illusion of glamour. These products don’t give people satisfaction or make them truly happy so advertisements continue to convince them to buy more things that the consumer believes will get them what they want.


Discussion Questions #4

1. According to Berger, how do “publicity”–what we would call advertising–images influence consumers and why is this significant?

According to John Berger, a publicity picture makes viewers think if they buy what it offers, that possession will change their lives, including their relationships. By showing images of happy people who use their products, they convey a message of if we buy that product too, we can have a life like those people.

2. As he compares oil painting to publicity (advertising) photography, Berger argues that oil painting “showed what the owner was already enjoying among his possessions and way of life;” “it enhanced his view of himself as he already was.” Whereas publicity pictures, “appeal to a way of life that we aspire to or think we aspire to.” Why are these differences important? What do they reveal to us about the production of images for publicity?

According to John Berger, oil paintings began with facts of its owner’s life. It shows the current wealth or achievements of its owner without including how they get that wealth. It doesn’t offer something, it just shows what they already have. But, publicity shows us a perfect life that we want to have. And, it offers that life to us by purchasing their service or products.

3. Choose one of the “dreams” he offers or think of your own. How does this dream offered by advertising use imagery to manipulate consumers?

I chose the dream of a faraway place. This is a dream that both he offers and of mine. Since I was a kid, traveling around the world is one of my biggest dreams. Especially after the increase of my interactions with technology, I realized that this dream get bigger and bigger place in my heart. Travel agencies advertisements have a big role in this. Images of other countries have always very distinct colors and usually, everyone in those images looks so peaceful and happy. Noone shows a signal of a bad mood or difficulty which makes me feel like if I go to that place the only thing I feel will be happiness and peace.

Discussion Post #4

  1. Publicity influences consumers to buy products because producers know what type of status people want. Individuals who seek to have up to date trends, styles, and nice expensive materialistic things buy everything and anything they want to feel good. They are seen and represented as “glamorous”. While others envy them for what they have and who they are. As Berger describes people believe that if they use these products they have better lives. 
  2. These differences are important because it states a clear reality and fantasy. Oil paintings illustrated a person’s wealth and status in the moment of the painting regardless of how they consumed it. Whereas publicity illustrates a fantasy that everyone wishes to have. It’s not obtained by the consumer just yet but waiting to convey the consumers to purchase it. The only way of obtaining anything is with one important thing, money. This reveals that money is the only way one can obtain these products and once they do they can have the wealth. Money basically buys your happiness, your economic status, your wants and desires. People fear having nothing because then you are seen as nothing as well, faceless as Berger expresses. Anxiety spikes because of this fear. 
  3. Berger talks about 3 dreams, one of them being “The dream of later night”. He discusses how something so small can be the life of the party. Alcohol, cigarettes and other substances are what people look forward to when escaping from their daily lives. Berger expresses these substances as “it is you who will bring the greatest pleasure of all” People intentionally surround themselves around this to have a “good life” Advertising uses imagery to manipulate consumers into buying cigarettes and alcohol so they can see how wonderful it is to use these products when trying to relax and party with other individuals. These are escapes nothing else can give you. 

Discussion question #4

  1. According to Berger publicity persuade consumers to spend their money showing them people who have a way of life, a possession or something the consumer would like to have, the purpose of publicity is to convince the consumer that buying certain objects, or acquiring certain service will change their lives. The purpose of publicity is to make people spend money in things that would make them seem richer or feel happier than they really are, even though they are poorer because they spend money in that. Publicity makes people think they could be someone they are not just by buying things.

2. Berger argues that glamour is a new concept that didn’t exist for the aristocratic society because when you born into a predetermined social class, being impossible to overcome poverty the concept of personal envy is a less familiar emotion, so without social envy glamour can’t exist. Berger compare oil paintings and publicity saying that they “share many of the same ideals, all of them related to the principle that you are what you have. Their purpose and their effects, however, are very different”, oil paintings used to show the real life of the owner, showing his wealth and power, publicity is about a way of life that the viewer aspire to have, publicity shows how these possessions could even improve your relationship with people, from your sexual life to your relationship with your family.

3. Publicity plays with the viewer’s mind, making people believe that they are not enough to be enviable, but they can still achieve the dream. One of the dreams Berger talks about is “the dream of a faraway place” in these kind of publicity they show people being and acting so natural with people of other cultures, and in beautiful places so the people can question themselves and think that maybe a trip to somewhere else could change their lives or give meaning to it.

discussion question 4

  • Advertising is the process of  making people feel that they need to live and desire in certain way. They create an illusion of life and it is so real that people believe in it and buy every products to fulfill that illusion.


  • According to John Berger oil painting is way of owner to show is power and to show that his/hers achievement. Publicity photograph is way to show us what we need to achieve and our desire to have a perfect life. They uses their images to make us feel we need to buy certain products to achieve the their way of life.


  • John Berger spoke of three dream, I chose the dream of a faraway place. Often I like to imagine myself traveling in distance country.  Discovering new places and facing new adventure. Mostly because of the advertisement  from the travel agency make feel like to truly enjoy an adventure I need to travel far.

discussion 4#

1. According to John Berger, everything that persuades individuals to consume a product is considered advice. They create dream lives and try to sell the perfection as if what they sell us will fix us. It is significant because what they propose isn’t real.

2. The paintings hide their “imperfections” and the photograph shows you a life of glamour that is available to everyone but a few people ever have. While we know the publicity does not represent us, but instead of that creates dreams for us that are not real.

3. One of the examples that John Berger gives us is about the “perfect skin”. It gives people the idea that once you use their product you will be able to have a perfect skin, like the one that they show all the hands touching. They make you think that with “perfect skin” you will be accepted.