Sonic example

I was born and raised in Medellin, Colombia. I lived in a house, closer to the park I would hear the bells of the church all the time and on the weekend there was noisy music from the bars and restaurants until midnight. I’ve always been a person difficult to disturb while sleeping, I don’t easily wake up because of noises. I used to take the bus and the metro sometimes, when you get on the bus usually there was a peddler rapping or selling candies so they can get some money, they tend to use the same speech all the time. Sometimes I would go to the center of the city with my mom, immediately you are at the station you could hear people on the street selling things shouting out loud, you could hear crazy people talking nonsense and sellers trying to make you buy something from their store, also you could hear the honks of buses and cars because there was always too much traffic. I often compare the center of my city with the Roosevelt Ave. In my city I liked to go to little concerts, often there were just local bands, and they had like a stand where they sell things like shirts or their albums, but sometimes they brought bands from other countries, one time they brought Papa Roach and the incredible part is that it was free. Definitely it’s not the same listening to a band through a digital device than listening to a band in real life, you feel a great joy while you are singing along with one of your favorite artists, is a moment you will remembrance all your life.