Discussion Post #7

Episode 5

  1. What Krukowski is trying to say when he asks us this question is that the world as we know it is changing day by day. For example, music nowadays is being digitized and we can reach it by simply clicking on the apps in our phone instead of having to go to a store to buy a physical form of music. What he is also trying to say is that with these new advancements we are forgetting many treasures and making other forms of interacting with music forgotten. Music indicates the differences between the powerful and the forgotten in many ways, one specific way that it does this is that we are more exposed to mainstream artists and lesser known artists are being denied the opportunity to prosper.
  2. Forced Exposure is different from platforms such as Spotify because they create different experiences for the users. With Forced exposure we are given different songs and artists who we like to select and with platforms such as Spotify they use algorithms that are man made that give us a wider range of unknown music.
  3. The differences that Krukowski states between being surprised by music and discovering music is that we can be surprised by a song being good or better than anticipated but when we discover music we find music that may be different from what we are used to or new music from new artists. These experiences are different because they give us different sensations, be it of satisfaction from something we know or pleasure from discovering something new. This is important when it comes to music because these different experiences for users allow for music platforms to give relative answers than specific answers.

Episode 6

  1. According to Krukowski, noise is an unimportant sound that we can easily ignore because it is unattractive. On the other hand signal is said to be the sounds that we are attracted to and do take interest in. These distinctions are important to know because it gives an insight to what sounds might attract others and be easily ignored to others.
  2. Basically the central idea that this episode conveys is the differences between different sounds such as noise and background. This is very significant because it shows how artists and music producers will try to make the signal the most heard sound within a song to maximize the attention and also minimize the amount of noise so that people aren’t distracted by something they might not like.
  3. This episode relates to the other episodes because it gives us another look at how sounds change and how we receive each different sound and even label the sounds we hear. This episode also relates to the others because it helps us understand the process that artists undergo when creating music and what strategies they use to convey their emotions to us and how they do so to also get an emotion from us.