Discussion Post #6

Episode 3

  1. The main differences between a microphone and a cell phone are that a microphone gives the artist more control over the voice they are trying to convey. They can change annunciation as well as proximity to control how the microphone picks up their voice and therefore gives them total control when it comes to recording music. A phone distorts the voice too much, this causes there to be less control when it comes to speaking which is crucial for an artist. A phone is also untrustworthy because they pick up too many sounds within their surroundings. A cell phone does not pick up the same quality of sound as a microphone does since the voice becomes digitized and generic. The differences are important because they convey different emotions as well as give less control to the user. 
  2. Krutowski and Tomlinson say that the “musical” qualities of the voice are actually the aspects of our voices that we would consider nonmusical. The pauses and emotions are important when wanting to convey an emotion to someone else on the other end. Technological advancements have also changed the musical aspects that we convey when we talk or communicate.
  3. Krukowski comments how the change from analog to digital transmission of the voice has affected the way we are heard, be it from another person or the way we convey our voices to the community. With the evolution of technology we have been able to convey our messages faster and farther but the emotion behind the message has been lost. Connecting with others has become a harder task because of the loss of emotion.

Episode 4

  1. What Krukowski says about music file sharing is that it has benefited those who commit the act but has caused a negative effect on the musicians who truly dedicate themselves to their form of art. I believe that in a world where people have to pay for almost everything, they look to save money or take shortcuts to save money in a non-essential area. Therefore I do not agree with the idea of file sharing if it negatively impacts smaller or lesser known artists who depend on that income more but I do not think it is such a big issue when it comes to artists that are world renowned and have earned a fortune from past users. I believe that music should not be free but some artist should try to be more generous with their audience and allow their music to be heard by more if they just cut back on the cost it takes to listen to their music. 
  2. The episode does a great job when it comes to representing the relationships between music, community, and culture because with such advancements to technology and the importance of technology around the world, music is able to reach past all boundaries. Another way they are all connected is seen when popular artists with large fan bases create music with specific sounds representing their cultural and ethnic roots. This allows the sounds of their culture to reach others and be heard by many who never had such exposure to it previously.