Discussion Post #5

Episode 1

  1. Krukowski tries to point out, when you experience “real” time you are actually hearing, feeling or touching in the exact time it’s happening unlike “digital” time. You experience an action called latency, it’s the amount of time it takes a computer to process something. These differences are significant because “real” time is lived in the actual present while “digital” time lives in a machine time locked to a clock coded and delayed.
  2. Krukowski expresses that to navigate space you need to listen to beyond what you hear. Separating every sound you hear in a busy city street makes you see how everyone is living a different life right Next to each other. Try not to block the sound out through other objects.

Episode 2

  1. Moss argues that developers have gentrified Astor Place into this open space for pedestrians to walk and walk freely but with rules to follow and with certain individuals looking over them. I’m a way they’re still being controlled. Private space is a location that has history, there’s a meaningful background unlike public where it’s open to all and now the meaning has become less. This is important because when there’s a significant location, person or object it stays important forever and one cherishes it.
  2. The significance of Thompson’s idea is that concert halls are meant to keep unwanted noise outside while maintaining the sounds of the music for only the audience and the audience not being able to be hear either. This related to headphone and earbuds because they are ment to block outside noises, while maintaining quite or wanted sounds.
  3. Some main ideas the episode expressed was the significance on how one object can influence our space negatively and/ or positively. Headphones can be a big distraction from the word. Like Moss says “it makes us opt out of the word”. It also expresses the long lasting relationship music has with a space. I find it interesting and agree with the concept of sound influencing a space. When one builds memories in a space they forever remember because of the impact of emotion the sounds gives it. Now everytime one goes back to a space they can feel and remember what once was.