Blog Post #5


Nowadays, many people feel anxious and uncomfortable because they have numerous of stress from their work, study and family.Some of them might even can not have a good sleep at night.However, listening to the sounds of rain and thunder can really comfort them and relief their anxiety.All of us are very familiar to these sounds and I believe I don’t need to describe them to you in detailed. I suppose the reason why we will feel relax when listening to the sounds of rain and thunder is because they are sounds of nature.Trying to image this scene, you are walking in a park with grasses and flowers on both of your sides.Meanwhile,there’s breeze blowing around you, rains are slightly dropping on the ground and thundering occasionally.Of course, this is my own imagination.However, everyone will have a picture in his mind when listening these natural sounds.Whatever the picture is, it must be picture which make you relax and comfortable.