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Discussion Questions #7

 Episode 5

  1. Art consists of majority of concepts. However, most of the concepts are ignore by most people. For example, most people don’t listen to an indie band. In relation to alternate approaches to art these repressed concepts might be a key to approaches alternate that they haven’t explore that much compared to more popular concepts.



  1. Forced Exposure, focuses on listening to different types of music. With that, he listens to them as an individual track as if it was made by someone else. It is important to catalogue each type of music they made and try to understand them regardless of their own preferences. With this, they will try to appreciate each person personal approach to are and what/how they use art and what different approach they take. This enables a broader music listening experience with a wider range of sounds and bands.



  1. Paul Lamere, develops a system where instead of trying to showcase all different types of music to a person. They figure out a wat to recommend people something they will like to listen to. Paul seems to try and enable a music listening experience that is “deeper” than Forced Exposure by focusing on music the listener already enjoys and finding more music like that without branching off to completely different sounds.



  1. Surprise is not the same as discover. Surprise implies finding something that we’re not comfortable with. While discover, helps us find something we want/like. To keep us engaged is a major goal for most corporations so, they approach by relies on familiarity (discovery) will keep us hooked and not accidentally scare us off. This is why for some it would be important to focus on helping a user discover something as opposed to surprising them.

Episode 6

  1. Signal is whatever sound you want to listen to. Noise is the sound around you that is blocking the signal. This is really important to understand because we switch to difference signal to point the original signal is become the noise.
  1. This relate to all of the episode that digital time and real time has a big effect with signal and noise. Digital time, is more signal due to the advancement of technology and Real time, is noise is the power of the feedback from your instrument and your amps. Digital technology helps us create our own space to block away noise with our headphones and increase our signal to our music. It compares the quality expression in our voices against the way cellphone isolate the signal of our words. Without noise around us we lose the fullness of its meaning. This also relate to the internet to the way it alternates the way that signal and noise by strip recorded sounds and removing that unwanted noise with all the artist and song producer. It also connects with the how the isolated signal is being manipulated by the online line cooperation or also it is being used to make us in to signal for to make business money.


Blog Post #5 Sonic Example

After listening to episode 5, “sound in the ways of hearing” by Damon Krukowshi, we often use sound to pass the time in our daily lives. Furthermore, it has the ability to change the way we feel. Anywhere we go we are always hearing the sound. In many ways sound affects our mood. For example: when you are taking a stroll around the park, you may hear many different types of sounds. This includes: birds chirping, the tree rustling, the wind blowing, etc. This leads to a very soothing ambience. This also applies to the type of music you hear in your day to day activities. The type of music that I listen to would be a relaxing beat by a chill cow the way the instrument is being played has this calming rhythm that makes the atmosphere in whatever room you are in feel more relaxing to the point that it makes you fall asleep. .

Discussion questions #6


  1. When you use a microphone, it sounds clear and you are able to speak to a big group of people. Also, you are talking to people face to face. When you use a cellphone, you are the person who you dial to. With that, only that person can hear your conversation. Also, cell service is not good and sometimes you can’t hear what the person said.


  1. In the interview they talked about the quality of singing and the tone of the voice. How it can influence the way people are listening to the music. However, due to the effect of digital transmission sometimes you have a good connection but a few min you will get cut off for a bit. With that, it can be hard to understand, or it can discount you from your r call.



  1. The distance with connecting with people around the world has improved with its technology. We can speak with people who are many miles apart around the world. This help us to connect our voice to each other.


  1. This is a difficult question to answer for many reasons, to pay for music or to make music for free brings me into a stand skill. When you first look at his course, you would believe that music should be free and who wouldn’t want free items. However, what about the person who created the music? They had to spend their free time and money to just produce it and that is not cheap. I personally believe that many musical artists would not create music for free. Like everybody usually say, “Time is money”. I’ve seen the prices for CDs, they usually go for $10 -$20, but there are some that goes over $50. I believe, there should be a medium with the prices for this music. If there are more people wouldn’t mind buying it and the artist can keep making music and make money out of it as well.


  1. The podcast informed us that music, community, and culture are all connected in many ways. It can affect and shape the way music is created. For example, in Japan they had Gagaku an old Japan’s musical traditions which included music and dance. This is one of many types of example of how people try to find inspiration make music. They will look at the culture of others and they will make music that can influence in that culture. Also, they can even change and shape into a different style of music by taken the culture of the music and change it into something else.


  1. I believe that charging money would impede the formation of the music communities around the world. This is because the time and money it takes into creating music takes a while. With this, it will help the music communities to keep creating more music since they will have money in their pockets and is able to feed there loves one. If not, they will quit to create music and find a job so they can be able to live.

Discussion questions #5

Episode 1

  1. Krukowski explain that real-time is at the moment, when you experience it live it’s a one done deal. You can’t produce or experience it the same as the 1st Digital time is precision control of analog work, its machine time and it set up like a clock. So, it will play when it needs to be play.
  2. When we walk around our own neighborhood, we hear many different types of sounds that can convey to relation to the source of the sounds. With that, this would be considering a way to navigate space. However, now in says we really don’t do that since mostly people have their headphone on and they won’t be aware of their surroundings since they aren’t able to listen to it.


Episode 2

  1. Jeremiah Moss argued some people are looking at their screen who don’t want to be a part of the city, so this create some sort of bubble to separate them from what is happing around them. He also explains how in Astor Place, was a public plaza and little by little it’s become private because you can see security walking around. It wasn’t like this before; people would be able to protest and now they created a rule that they can’t do it anymore. This is very important because it show us how a public space area for people to express themselves turned to a private area. This is because they added restricted rules and security in Astor Place.
  2. Thompson talks about how the development of the concert hall had led to control the interior space. The idea was to contain music in a space where it doesn’t spread to the outside world, so the people who don’t want to hear the music don’t have to. She explained how in Radio City, people where angry not being able to see the show. However, once they hear the musical they really didn’t care since the music help the people create an image for themselves. Krukowski relates this connection with headphones/earbuds, dur to the connection the sound makes when you’re hearing the music. Since they disconnect us from the outside world.
  3. In my opinion, we disconnect ourselves with the world around us by using headphones/air buds to play our music. This helps us to separate us from the sound surrounding of the environment we are walking to. It is very interesting that we are able to privatize our self with the hearing the type of music that we like. In doing so, we are creating a bubble for our self in our own space/world.

Blog Post #4 Sonic Example

After listening to EP1, “Time in the ways of hearing” by Damon Krukowshi, talks about how we use digital technology to change the way we make music. How we are able to go back to remove and/or change the way the music is edited from its original. Krukowhi, explain how he would take sounds from music from other artists to create his own. I happen to hear this a lot to the music I listen to. They have use piece and bits of the original music and add new sounds to it. Now in days, the big-name DJ’s that play in festivals are known for this. For example, DJ Hero song Just Blow ( was published on April 12,2013 and on April 23, 2017, Tiësto create a track called BOOM ( ). On 2019, the F.H Crew used both of these to create a remix of both tracks to create one ( This for me a explain the Damon Krukowshi was talking about when I was listening to “Time in the way of hearing”

Discussion questions #4

1.The way advertising companies influences consumers is by posting ads in television commercial breaks and/ or web browsing ads in your computer. These items might interest you because they use celebrate to endorse there products and adversity for them. With that, they use this tactics to increase the sales of product and services to consumers.

2.The reason the owner bought this oils painting is to have the joy of looking at it whenever he wants and show it off to people. However, the public picture is to show people what they need in their life. Also, to try to replicate to their life.

3.One of the images Berger offer is the good life that everybody wants in their life. This images manipulate people into buying items for example, clothing; being in fancy areas etc. He makes people think if they get these items they will living a good life.

Blog #3

  1. The purpose of this essay is to educate the writer in developing ideas to help you brainstorm your writing before you begin your first draft.
  2. This can help attract reader’s attention and introduces them to a general topic.
  3. The reader who starts off reading your essay can get hook with the topic and information that you are giving to the reader.
  4. What the reader will know form this topic is the set on how to set up prewriting, what are some ways it can help improve their writing for your draft.
  5. The reader needs to know to understand the essay is to determine how the message is for what type of content is the writer is trying to portray to their reader and if they agree or disagree with the topic
  6. The type of hook you need to engage the readers is a strong statement that makes an assertive claim about your topic and connects to your thesis statement and shows the reader the importance of your essay.
  7. The level of language that is required should be Standard American English.
  8. The appropriate type of tone you need to use in your topic is to be confident, sincere, use appropriate words, avoid jargon, avoid discriminatory language, and write in an active voice instead of a passive voice.


The opening paragraphs in article 3.2 tell the readers that before attempt to write your essay, there are certain steps you need to take such as rereading the draft of your essay to make sure it makes sense. You might have to rewrite it again, while most students believe that doing this is a waste of time, it can actually help you see if you need to add certain details or if you have any grammar errors, these steps can help ensure that your essay has improved.

Discussion #3

1. The naked painting of western art shows us that women were judged by their appearances. Jordan Bernier discusses that “nakedness is to be without disguise to be on display is to have the surface of one own skin the hair of one own body turn into a disguise which cannot be discarded”. He is informing us that nakedness does not care it will show you its natural form

2. According to Jordan Bernier, it shows us that western art depicts the difference between men and women and their values in one of the artworks called painting Susanna and the elders show us how the men are depicted on spying on the naked women and most of the picture shows us that the women are holding the mirror. This painting shows us the wants of men to see naked women and the woman in the painting sees herself in the mirror to see how men see her.

3.  John Berger shows us that men and women are shown in a different light in one of the artworks called judgment of Paris it shows us a group of naked women being judge by men and the pretty ones will get an apple. This art shows us in our modern-day life that beauty will always be competitive.

Blog #2

John Berger’s essay “Ways of Seeing”, tells us the way we see a painting and how it can lose its artistic value and the ways it can become distorted to the people who see the artwork in different light and not in its original artist work. There are many types of artwork that have been distorted and lost its value from the original meaning. For example, the traditional Japanese paintings have meaning and usually given to the royal family of Japan. The differences of their artwork can mean different things. Like the following, Geisha painting has a deep entrenched in Japanese culture. It shows the beauty of Japanese women and also the meaning of the person in the art. Since real life Geisha does art shows. With that, the Yakuza gang use these Geisha tattoos to symbolize they are in a gang. With that being said, the community of Japan see this type of art on the body of people and they would assume that they are a part of the yakuza and bring trouble. They brought are fear to the people who see them with it because when they see it all they know is trouble might be coming their way and that idea is pictured in their mind every time they see it without knowing its Original art. That is why I believe this is an example of  losing value of its original art.

Discussion Question #2

  1. John Berger argues that the way we see art will be different for the way other people might look at it, but when we add convention it can change other people’s ways of looking at the artwork it can lead to adding more questions than answers the second guess of what they once say adding more to it. This is important for many reasons as it can help you find a different message that a person might see in the art which will lead to agreeing and disagreeing with what you see, sometimes you second guess yourself on what you see in the art, however you leave with more questions than answer there are many ways to understand an artwork but none of them are incorrect.
  2. John Berger is informing us of the difference in the way we see art from looking at the television screen to the way we see an art from the museum and from a book. The difference is that the television screen gives you a few minutes to ponder and see the art it gives you little time to think about what you see then it throws you away to a commercial which leads you to lose your train of thought. When you are in a museum or in a book you have time to look over the painting as long as you want, and nothing is interrupting you from giving you an idea of what the painting is giving to you.
  3. The reason why John Berger describes the reproductions of the painting is that the art can lose its artistic value and its meaning to the people who are looking at the art from their home instead of looking at it in the original painting in the museum.