blog #5

Often there are always headphones around. Initially, the earphone was large and heavy in weight and was limited to military use, but now it has become small and inexpensive, and there is also a wireless type. In 1877 Edison invented the phonograph, and the headphones were very primitive, but they were widely accepted. Then, in 1910, Nathaniel invented the first form of modern headphones, so some things were large and connected to each other. Until we arrived in 1979 and Sony invented the Walkman device with relatively small speakers, this was the starting point for mobile music. In the year 2001, Apple invented portable and latent headphones. And after that big headphones returned in 2008 through Beats. In 2016, it was the great invention presented by Apple, which is the wireless headphones that work via Bluetooth. Now that the headphones have become an important part of any phone, companies compete with each other to produce headphones of new design and high quality.