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Blog Post #4

I have read the article that “Is Music a Good Tool For Health?” by Elizabeth Scott explains about music can help people treat disease and promote movement. Also, music can stimulate your brain to give to you some idea and help you concentrate. Music can control your heart rate and breathing which can help you to relax. I think music is a language all the people and animals know all music has feelings. Music can help each other heal their disease and benefit anyone.
In the world, every country has its own music, but you listen to music you can feel the singer’s feelings. Animals are the same as dolphins and whales. We can hear their song and know they are lonely or rejoice. We do not speak the same language, but we know it. This is music’s power. As like as I often listen to songs in other languages. I did not understand a lot of words in that music. I only knew a few words, but I knew the singer felt sad. The music was slow. When I heard this music, I am felt the man was crying. If you concentrate on the music, you can get into the world created by the music. Let you feel the singer’s heart through music. You know what he’s talking about because music is a language that reaches the heart.
Music’s’ power is great. It saves many people’s lives. Some pain management depression patients can listen to music and change their minds about committing suicide. Before I saw a news about cows. People played music for the caw. The cow made more milk. It proves music’s power is great. I believe anybody should like music when they are lonely. If you listen to happy music at the party, you can feel happier. If you listening to sad music can help you get out of the sadness.
We need music. Music is a special language that enables us to better understand other people’s feelings. We can feel it and also animals can feel it. music can help us get out of difficulty. So, I like music, because it expresses my heart.

blog #4

Music is one of the ways to connect with ourselves. To me, what I listen to always reflect what I feel. Music helps me to focus on my tasks. I like to listen to music when I’m walking, studying, or before going to sleep. When I’m exercising music, I hear to uplift my energy. I listen to ambient music while I’m studying or reading books. It gives a sense of calmness. It helps me to stay focus. The 1st device I used to listen to music was an MP4 player. I had only two songs downloaded, and I listened to them on repeat all the time. Over time the way we listen to music has changed. Nowadays, I use a YouTube music app to listen to music. The device we use to listen to music also changed. I have learned if you spend a good amount of money on the device your music experience will change drastically.

Blog Post #4

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The Coca Cola Christmas commercial with red trucks caravan and their holiday famous song makes me feel nostalgic and brings me back to my childhood, I was amazed all the time when I was watching that commercial on tv. It gives people the sensation of living in a story full of magic, where people are happy and joyful, all together outside waiting to share a bottle of coca cola and enjoy the holiday, snow, and atmosphere warmth. The beautiful song, accompanied by the sound of sleigh bells, makes children to dream about their Christmas gift wishes, and that Santa Claus is coming. The commercial song gives us the feeling that Christmas lights make sounds as well, and the fascinating choir of voices singing, bring people all races, gender, and ages together. 

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Badshah – Genda Phool | Jacqueline Fernandez | Payal Dev | Hit Anthem of the Year 2021

The hit duo Badshah & Jacqueline Fernandez in this steamy track has broken all records and continues to feature in all the top charts across platforms making it the “Anthem of the Year”. Genda Phool has a distinct folk melody fused with uber urban sounds which marked a new era for Badshah.

Over few months, stuck in home and nothing much to do than listen to music and walk around neighborhood and do english class homework. Through digital the sound have  reached all over the world for example the above video is originated  from India and we here in USA can have access. As an fan of foreign music, digital have brought huge happiness in my life by having   access to all music around the world and able to  listen over and over.

In the music above they have use music and people dancing over it professionally wouldn’t be possible without digital media. Through digital media they were able to edit the song and didn’t required to do all over again. Hearing this music helps me avoid my loud neighbor and also helps avoid noise in street. Music also help me turn up the mood when you feeling tied.

Blog Post #4

As I was watching episode 2 of Ways of Hearing, I felt completely the opposite way than Mr. Moss did about how people are using screens on their phones to put themselves in their own personal bubbles to isolate themselves from the public noise.  As a native New Yorker, who’s lived here for all my 47 years, I have grown to be easily annoyed and sometimes even outraged by the lack of courtesy here in the city, of which some is manifested in the loud noises we hear.  Specifically I am referring to how loud people talk, whether it’s among each other or on the phone, of which the video phone call is the most loud.  People act like they are in their own living rooms with no awareness of how they are affecting others, resulting in a lack of courtesy and respect.  I am so happy about having earbuds to put myself in a bubble so that I am able to drown out their disturbingly annoying voices.

With that being said, when I was presented with this assignment the number of commercials for noise cancelling headphones immediately came to mind and after watching a few, this one in particular illustrates the feeling I had when I was listening to Mr. Moss talk about how people are drowning out the outside world with their devices.  The commercial, which is posted below, is for Airpods Pro, Apples noise cancelling earbuds.  The commercial shows how this busy city, whatever that may be, sounds to the young lady with or without the earbuds.  It also shows the effect it has on her psyche  and mood as she goes from no earbuds, to just music in the buds and then music with the noise cancelling effect on.   With no earbuds and only hearing the loud city she seems very annoyed and disappointed.  With just the music she seems a little happier and things are flowing better.  With the music and the noise cancelling on she starts dancing in a dream like video where she seems very happy.  Now, when I put on my earbuds and play music, or watch something, I don’t start dancing like I’m in a psychedelic video, but I feel much happier and so much less annoyed, just as the commercial is trying to illustrate.

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Sonic example


The appropriate sound level of music is not easy to calibrate. Some songs sound best when they are played at full volume, while other songs are meant to be played softly with just the right amount of sound. We’ve all been in an elevator with someone who plays music through their headphones like they’ve already gone deaf, and more often than not, it becomes a nuisance. But are they purposely playing the music loudly because they like the music loud, or is that music simply meant – through its creation – to be just as loud.  After listening to the album version, however, I realized that much of what I liked about the song came from the kind of bad, buzzy recording quality of the youtube version. While I suppose some might argue that the studio version, what the artist intended you to hear, should be the best version, I disagree and think that sometimes a live version or remix might make the song better even if it is worse “quality”.Sound production didn’t take over the tension/release role in pop songs overnight. Over the last couple of decades, there has been a ‘crossfade’ between tonal functions and sonic functions.As sound production became more and more dominant in shaping the musical roller coaster in pop songs, the role of tonal functions was gradually weakened. I can’t identify a specific turning point, but I can point to specific songs and albums that triggered my awareness of this process.

Ways of Hearing Blog Post #4

Billie Eilish – when the party’s over (Live From The Grammys)

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I tried to just upload the link only but I am not that really  well  good at tech so I came out with the entire video. By all the way Billie live performance is one of rarely performances which I really saw the way digital has took over of how manageable is the time and the space accordant to how the sound can be held at one place for a specific event . As it is described  in the  ways of hearing “episode 1 &2 ” of Krukowski , I felt like here in this video , the sound  which is very very loud was live indoor  and at the same time available to those who are in front of their screens . The digital time travels beyond our perspective of hearing and living the past in the present . For example this video was done couple months ago but it is still available to who want it . What you just have Ito do is to search .

Blog Post #4

Sonic Example

How does music affect our lives? Music affects our lives either way negatively or positively. meanwhile, you can hear a song that introduces how our lives are bad, and when cannot live lyrics made you get the worst feelings you have ever faced, that often happens. On the other side, music impact our lives positively through empowering your strength, relieving from stress or pain.  Sometimes you can have a song that expresses what you feel exactly. My favorite song in my life is “singin’ in the rain” from the movie “singin’ in the rain” actually all songs in this movie are amazing, especially this song. I watched this song with my dad when I was 6. My dad recorded this movie on the videotape. I adore this song because the song has full of happiness through the lyrics, melody,  the actor’s performance, and dancing in the rain. The first meaning of happiness for me was in this song, even though  I did not recognize what does love mean or experiences it before. The song has become a hit in the classic musical movies gene kelly’s performance became popular. Kelly was simplified in love so he sings I’m singin’ in the rain lyrics has a powerful meaning of happiness. I listen to this song daily. It means for me pure love, and happiness, moreover the melody of the song gives me serenity. The slow melody makes you calm and quiet. In contrast, the melody of a modern song brings nervousness and stress. You lose your inner peace with modern songs. according to Radiotopia’s first showcase series,” ways of hearing” by Krukowski said digital audio changes our perception and employs a different sense of time, space, and love. in this song, “singin’ in the rain” I used to listen to this song in my Walkman and then in my CD player, later on, I downloaded in my mp3. now I have this song in my song playlist on my phone. This song influences my life from an early age to now. this intro of the song “singing in the rain” lyrics.   

Just singin’ in the rain

What a glorious feeling

I’m happy again.

I’m laughing at clouds.

So dark up above,

The sun’s in my heart

And I’m ready for love. 

Sonic Example #1

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ET’s Keltie Knight spoke with the GRAMMY nominee ahead of the 62nd GRAMMY Awards on Sunday. #GRAMMYs Exclusives from #ETonline :

The first episode of Ways of Hearing talked about how digital time lags behind real time due to latency. The example they use is of a baseball game on announcer on the radio that is out of sync with the game on the TV because the TV had switched from analog to digital transmission. This made me think of how award shows censor accidental cursing on live television. At the Grammy Awards earlier this year, singer Arianna Grande accidentally cursed during a live interview, which is prohibited on most television networks. Luckily, due to digital being a few seconds behind real time, the network was able to cover the curses with bleep noises. I used to ask my parents how the Grammys could censor mishaps if they were happening live, and they told me that TV is behind, so they use that time to cover mistakes. This podcast showed me that digital made that easier, if not allowing it to be possible at all.





-Technology has changed the way we think and changed our daily lives for many individuals. For example, EarPods and iPhones are really popular nowadays. It’s whatever individuals should have as their daily life accessories and it’s an item that nobody can’t live without. EarPods are a way of hearing music that we want to listen to and its also used as a personal bubble were we tent to only want to listen to what we want and block the sounds that sounding us like you see on NYC subways 99.9% of the passengers will have EarPods on or anything type of headphones to fit in there one bubble. Sound such as music controls our daily life and our daily habit.

Blog #4

Songs are always friendly to our moods. If we feel sad we are looking for a song, and at the beginning of the love stories we listen to the songs, or until we feel bored we play songs to improve the mood. One of the songs closest to my heart is fly me to the moon by singer Frank Sinatra, this song never fails to change my mood. Although remastered the song in 2009, the live version in 1965 is the best for me. Frank’s pure voice with live music is another experience. When someone asks me about a good song, I always recommend those songs at the top of the list. This song is considered a jazz classic and music in general. On the other hand, songs are part of the culture. And the development of music is linked to the development taking place in the world. The musical instruments differed from the old until it reached what it is now. Therefore, music is part of the human personality and evidence of time.

Frank Sinatra – Fly Me To The Moon (Live At The Kiel Opera House, St. Louis, MO/1965)

Frank Sinatra performing “Fly Me To The Moon,” recorded live in 1965 at the Kiel Opera House in St. Louis, MO.