sonic example

growing in the street with that free space and the joy of life , I saw and participated in group musical in my country Togo,  West Africa . Back in the days , we didn’t have digital instruments to create our music or record what we have been doing but here is what and how we used to make things interesting to our audience. Everything that we were using was hand  made .For example to create the sound we used empty pots  with sticks . We used wood with cord to make guitars . With such things we make music for people with a good ambience and the  songs that we were singing was memorised . It was true we didn’t have chances to get digital tools but the kind of music that we were make was pure and understandable  . some youths have even convert the way we were doing our songs with digital  called Afrobeat . In that , the beats sound  is mix with jazz , blues, techno , dancehall .