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Discussion 7

Question 1:

When the author entered the record store , he found some albums from an ancient time, some of them expired. This indicates that downloading songs from the Internet is now the trend of going to the record store and buying CDs. However, despite all this, going on to the record store is another experience, and it is possible to learn information about songs that we did not know and we may find types of music that we did not know.

Question 2:

Jimmy from Forced Exposure Collects songs of various genres and when he likes something he records it and he knows what he will hear later. As for Paul Lamre’s experience in sites like Spotify, he makes an automatic way to choose songs based on the person’s taste, and he selects similar songs.

Question 3:

Krakowski explains that surprising is to make people hear new types of music they have not looked for. So surprise is different from discovering. Also, with the development of music platforms, it has become an analysis of the database of individuals in order to provide songs to their own taste, so surprising opportunities decreased. 

Question 4:

According to Krakowski, noise is the voices that we hear around us, we do not give them attention, and we can easily ignore them. While the signal is the voices we deliberately hear and take attention from us.

Question 5:

The episode talks about signal and noise. Because the signal is always intertwined with the noise. As Korkowski emphasized that it is necessary for people to understand the messages behind the noise, where unexpected things can be reached as a result of its contemplation.

Question 6:

This episode expresses how technology has made us control sounds and music, as we have the ability to add or block sounds. It is also evidence that digital sounds changed human experiences in listening to music. Therefore, this episode is considered as an explanation and a general concept for the program Way Of Hearing

blog #5

Often there are always headphones around. Initially, the earphone was large and heavy in weight and was limited to military use, but now it has become small and inexpensive, and there is also a wireless type. In 1877 Edison invented the phonograph, and the headphones were very primitive, but they were widely accepted. Then, in 1910, Nathaniel invented the first form of modern headphones, so some things were large and connected to each other. Until we arrived in 1979 and Sony invented the Walkman device with relatively small speakers, this was the starting point for mobile music. In the year 2001, Apple invented portable and latent headphones. And after that big headphones returned in 2008 through Beats. In 2016, it was the great invention presented by Apple, which is the wireless headphones that work via Bluetooth. Now that the headphones have become an important part of any phone, companies compete with each other to produce headphones of new design and high quality.

Discussion 6

Question 1:

According to Krukowski, when we record our voices through the microphone, we have the ability to coalesce ourselves and delete unwanted voices. Also, the movement around the microphone has an effect on the sound dish. For example, when the singer approaches the microphone, the sound becomes deeper, and this makes listeners feel more with words, but when he moves away, he gives more clarity to the sound. As for the mobile phone, it is an invention for the exchange of messages. Krukowski says that sometimes sounds on the phone are worse than nature. But the most important feature in it is communication.

Question 2: 

Professor Tomlinson says that the best thing that happens during communication is the musical aspect and the tone of the sound, as we are creatures love music  by nature. He also clarified that at the present time, his linguist teachers give great importance to the rules only. Krakowski explains that non-verbal quality and words lose their sense of feeling and affection as a result of exchanging electronic messages.

Question 3:

The phone has improved the methods of communication between people because our voices are able to travel around the world, but it does not have the ability to transmit emotions, so the interview is considered a face to face essential.

Question 4:

Musicians always face problems related to violating intellectual property rights as a result of stealing original songs and making them illegal. However, with the advent of new electronic music platforms, people became more aware of the artist’s efforts. Therefore, I find that there must be a financial return for artistic works as a result of the effort and the time it gives.

Question 5:

From the beginnings, music is part of humanity. Always every culture is distinguished by its unique taste with music. And in our time, there are many types of music that express the region of origin due to digital development and cultural openness. Music has become the expression of society and culture, not just its creators.

Blog #4

Songs are always friendly to our moods. If we feel sad we are looking for a song, and at the beginning of the love stories we listen to the songs, or until we feel bored we play songs to improve the mood. One of the songs closest to my heart is fly me to the moon by singer Frank Sinatra, this song never fails to change my mood. Although remastered the song in 2009, the live version in 1965 is the best for me. Frank’s pure voice with live music is another experience. When someone asks me about a good song, I always recommend those songs at the top of the list. This song is considered a jazz classic and music in general. On the other hand, songs are part of the culture. And the development of music is linked to the development taking place in the world. The musical instruments differed from the old until it reached what it is now. Therefore, music is part of the human personality and evidence of time.

Frank Sinatra – Fly Me To The Moon (Live At The Kiel Opera House, St. Louis, MO/1965)

Frank Sinatra’s video for ‘Fly Me To The Moon’ recorded live in 1965 at the Kiel Opera House in St. Louis. The new live album ‘Standing Room Only’ is availab…

discussion question 5

Question 1

Krukowski‘s main idea was how to experience real and digital time. He says the real time the world is going through is contemporary, characterized by flexibility and change. To give an example when we do something unwanted to us, time passes slowly. Unlike the time we have fun, time passes quickly. But digital time is not real, and it was called latency time, because it is late because of translating information and digital sounds, then transferring it via electronic devices so we can hear it.

Question 2

Krukowski meant that sounds could be an indication of where we are. We can also learn about our whereabouts when we hear the sounds around us. It does not matter the noise of New York because when we put headphones on and hear some music, it moves us to the place it came from.

Question 3

According to Jeremiah Moss, “privatizing public space in a very stealth way.” , And he meant that everyone became occupied only with his private space and phone. And this contributed to converting public places into private spaces. Therefore, the public places lost their special features as places to meet and take a table and chair as a result of people busy with their screen. Although these places are not privatized, there are new rules for privacy developers.

Question 4 

According to Emily Thompson, the idea of the evolution of concert halls came to control the sounds in the interior. And also as a result of the development of musical instruments with loud sounds, and also because of the difficult period for people due to the development of cars and trains with the sounds of noisy engines. So people had a desire to control all this noise and control too in the sound, so it came from the idea of the concert hall. Krukowski says that the earphones also came from the same idea as everyone wants to build their own room.

Question 5

From my point of view, the relationship between space and sound is a relationship to determine location. We always remember where we were when we heard a musical sound or even another sound. Even the sound of noise in big cities has its mark and remembrance.

discussion question #4

Question 1:

Advertising is the process of persuading people to change something in his life through different artistic methods and images, as it is a strategy to attract people and their illusion to a more attractive life. Therefore people spend due to the state of envy that occurs and in order to achieve joy.


Question 2:

According to Berger, oil paintings are a way of expressing their owner in order to show off and be proud of themselves. These paintings appear as a means to show off and power and to show blessings and celebrate success. European painters were drawing men around them, beautiful women and fruit as a way to express luxury. This is the case for advertisements, it creates the desire to own something we do not yet have, so we are encouraged to work in order to earn money, so that the idea of money and power is established and they are a way to a better life.


Question 3:

As in the video, advertising  shows one of three dream types. Dream of late tonight is the dream of a perfect life in which everything is beautiful and everyone is smiling. This kind works on people’s imagination and influences people to infect themselves in order to own those things that make them part of a life of luxury and pleasure. But this type affects the psychological and financial condition of individuals due to the state of envy and the challenge it creates.

Blog post 3#

Part One: Briefly answer these questions:



  • Is the purpose of the essay to educate, announce, entertain, or persuade?


The purpose of this essay is to educate. The instructor was sharing the importance of the prewriting. He was giving good ideas that can lead a good and organized final writing. 



  • Who might be interested in the topic of the essay ?


students are the target of the subject. Because it gives them an idea of what will be required of them in their writing



  • Who would be impacted by the essay or the information within it?


Students will take advantage of it. Also, the beginner writers.


  • What does the reader know about this topic?


It helps in structure the essay, and makes a clear thesis statement.


  • What does the reader need to know in order to understand the essay’s



The essay is appropriate for the title, to be dependent on research, and for the words used to be in a correct and appropriate position.



  •  What kind of hook is necessary to engage the readers and their interest?


The hook can be a short story, quotes, or asking some interesting questions in order to grab attention  


  • What level of language is required? Words that are too subject-specific may make the writing difficult to grasp for readers unfamiliar with the topic.


Words should meet the academic standards. Does not include slang, and the word itself should be understandable and be in the level of the audience. 


  • What is an appropriate tone for the topic? A humorous tone that is suitable for an autobiographical, narrative essay may not work for a more serious, persuasive essay.


Tone should depend on the subject of the article. It should be serious and appropriate for readers

Part two :Write a draft of your opening paragraph based on Chapter 3.2 Opening Paragraphs from English Composition: Connect, Collaborate, Communicate.

The turmoil caused by the murder of an African American citizen George Floyd by a white police officer in Minneapolis on May 25 continues to resonate globally, as African Americans continue to protest in the streets against racism and police brutality. Despite American propaganda as the “land of dreams and freedoms” that spread since the beginning of the last century, this was not the case for black Americans, who were not equivalent to white Americans in most aspects of life. Black citizens were subject to the principle of inequality, and did not stage rebellions until the 1960s – which continue today – as a result of the emergence of revolutionary personalities of black Americans, such as Malcolm X and Martin Luther King who brought about important changes in the history of blacks in America. Therefore, the movement, “Blacks Life Matters,” is an extension of the long struggle for African-Americans in American history.

Discussion Question #3

Question 1:

According to Burger, “The difference between nakedness and nudity is that nakedness is to be only without clothes, but nudity is that others see you naked without realizing it, and it is a form of artistic expression in European artistic culture. It was mentioned in the video that the women drawn naked in European paintings drew like this is because this is the way women are judged to be seen.They used this method as a symbol of idealism and expression of the soul. But this art carries a masculine look and a kind of satisfying desire.

Question 2:

As Berger said at the start of the video, men look at women while women look at themselves. Because men are seen as having strength and they are the ones who start doing the deeds and they are the most suitable to make decisions, the view of women is limited to their ability to draw men’s attention to them. Therefore, women were drawn nude in portraits in Europe, such as Venus, to attract male viewers, in order to attract them sexually, not intellectually or artistically. Then the woman is declared if she is of high beauty and attractive physical characteristics. In the case of looking at the hardworking man and the man who provides something to his family. Which led to reducing the role of women in society, and this is exactly the opposite.At the moment, the situation has become somewhat equal. Women have many of their rights.

Question 3:

The woman was drawn in the painting with a mirror in order to show the woman’s charm and as a symbol of vanity and it was called with the same name because of that reason. It was used to reinforce the idea of what a woman should look like and what a man would look like. And Berger also mentioned that European painters at this time often depicted women naked and this reflects their sexual perception of them and in order to attract the largest number of viewers.

Blog post #2

Advertising warfare flared between Mercedes and BMW, after Mercedes congratulated its competitor on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of its founding by publishing a satirical video. And the content of the clip was “Happy Birthday, and thank you for a hundred years of competition,” it added, “It was thirty years before the hundredth a bit boring,” in a sign from Mercedes that it had preceded BMW in the industry. But the BMW response came strong and sarcastic, so I published an ad for pictures of a Mercedes truck transporting BMW vehicles, and said, “Thank you for transporting pleasure.”

The advertising field is always burning between companies, in an attempt to attract the largest number of customers. With sarcastic methods, the topic has become more fun, interesting and creative, and the only winner of all this is the consumer.

Discussion question #2

Question 1:

Berger says that what we see is related to a person’s customs and traditions. Likewise, the personal experiences of individuals and what he sees play a major role in their vision of things. Berger has made an experiment displaying a painting in which a person attacking some soldiers appears and then displays a commercial. Then he returned again to the painting, then showed a video of scenes of torture for some people, then again for the painting. And every time the concept of the painting was changing. He also added a comment on the place and time in which we see the paintings, such as drawing on the walls of churches.

Question 2:

The camera transferred any artwork  to be seen around the world. Not just where it is displayed in museums and the official exhibition spaces visible, but we can see them as pictures on any TV screen, book, or newspaper. And Berger added that seeing the painting in place and narrating the original version and you know that it is what people are copying is another kind of experience. And also mediating the image and giving it a close look with silence makes us realize the meaning of the painting in another way. Also, we can see accurate details inside a painting that cannot be seen from any photos.

Question 3:

With the transfer of pictures of artworks taken from one place to another, their meaning is modified without intention. It is used in more than one content and in more than one place at the same time, so it loses its first meaning board, and this is what Berger said. A specific painting can be imagined and given more than one sound perception. And that is what Berger has also tried.