Discussion questions #6

Episode 3

  1. According to Krukowski, what are the main differences between a microphone and a cellphone and why is this difference important?

The main difference between a microphone and a mobile phone is that the main content of the microphone is to spread the host’s voice in a specific area, including the sound of the wind. However, the main purpose of the mobile phone is to talk to two people far away from each other. In order to make the voice clear and accurate, it weakens our emotions. It does not better mobilize people’s emotional changes like the microphone.

2. What do Krukowski and Gary Tomlinson, the professor he interviews, assert about the “musical” qualities of the voice and how are these changed by digital transmission?


Human language through the mobile phone digital transmission, we can also communicate in a long-distance, but the digital transmission only transmits information and sound and does not express our emotions perfectly. Finally, because of the network, the language does not convey completely or disconnected.


3.  What is the significance of Krukowski’s comments on the voice to ideas about community and interpersonal connection?

Digital transmission technology has helped many people transfer information more conveniently and easily, making the interpersonal relationship in the community better, but the quality of the connection has declined.

Episode 4

  1. Krukowski begins by discussing the issue of music file sharing. What is your opinion on this issue? Should music be freely available or should one have to pay?

I think music should be Shared, music should be available to anyone who wants to listen to it, and it shouldn’t have any price tag. Music with a price tag gets in the way of people who want to listen to it and slowly lose interest in it.

2.  How does this episode represent the relationships between music, community, and culture?

With the development of society and the dedication of musicians to music, I think music, community, and culture are all related. different areas have their different music and community-style and culture.

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  1. Bella Acero

    Your first answer was well explained. I agree when krukowski expresses these ideas they make sense of things. Not everyone full feel emotional connect when you’re just talking to talk

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