Blog Post #5

 according to episodes“ways of hearing” states that the digital tools change our perception and the way we think such as time, love, money. have you ever spent one hour listening to one song?  In my childhood memory, I had heard my grandmother listen to this singer and she told me some of her memorable stories about her favorite female singer. Om Kalthoum was singing once a month so my grandmother and people in the village waited for om Kalthoum concert on the radio, she used to sing in first Thursday in every month at 9 o’clock the whole villagers sat on one place to hear her new song and every song took proximately one hour after television release my grandmother sat in her couch for watching Om Kalthom, I used to get mad, I told her how did you spend one hour to listen to one song, I can listen to ten songs instead of one. My grandmother told me technology influenced your life and impact your way of thinking. That is exactly happening as the ways of hearing episodes present it. Om Kalthum sang one hour without stopping, now singer sing around 4 minutes, that about time. The other difference is love, in episode According to Krukowski, states the main difference between a microphone and a cellphone is the music quality microphone makes sound clear but the cell phone makes sound quality worse and more aggressive. Her sound was clear and people felt close to her song words and her feeling, as frank Sentra said in one of his interviews the way of using the microphone and the distance from his microphone change the tones and feeling made people felt close to him without knowing him as a person, in contrast, the musician now using technology tools to improve their voice and that made people donot feel the song. The problem with a cellphone is to transfer words without feeling and sound of music. Om Kalthoum’s song was on the radio and for free, it was available for people to hear, however, if you would see her on the stage you would have had to buy her concert tickets. Moreover, my grandmother said to me if you fall in love, you will listen to her song and feel how she described what you feel and that happened.