Blog post 5

  sonic example

 This example is interesting because this is like my routine. Every day I wake up with noise such as the sound of traffic, chrim, and cell phone alerts. If we go outside there is a lot of noise in our society that we can hear. Hearing is unconscious. The sounders just from outside come to our ears. However, it is different to listening. After listening to “Ways of Hearing”, I have started to consider what kind of sounds that we can hear and listen to. Most times people may just hear something, and they do not listen. When we hear our brains do not work, they  just  hear without thinking. In addition, when people listen to something, it is conscious. We do not want to hear the noise, and we separate from the reality. We feel we are safe but we are not. If we are trying to listen to these noises, maybe it is different, they are like music. They are much better than wearing headphones to listen to noise music. All sound is noise, all sounds from noise, e, the thing is what matters is the attitude people adopt to listen to it.