Ways of Hearing, Episode 1 & 2

Ways of Hearing, Episode 1 & 2

Episode 1

The revolution between the analogue world and the digital world have changed our relationship to the time itself. In the digital world, there was not computers or sophisticate electronic devises. Musicians used to spend times with other musicians to play instruments and record songs in the studio, that moment is considered as a real time. But, during the digital period most of the works are done by using computers. We don’t have anymore musicians performing together to produce songs. Now time is flexible and variable, this new habit has changed our life experience. That mean, one person can sit behind his computer and produce different king of songs by using the digital machine; this time is a machine time.

Nowadays, the digital machine has changed our sociability in the world where we are living. As Krukowski said, the digital is more convenient than analogue instruments, it is easy to produce music and can be also cheap. But this fact has modified the way we share consideration and affection to others. Before, we use to discuss, exchange opinions with other people; that moment create solidarity and union between workers or in our environment.

Episode 2

Jeremiah Moss means that in many spaces in New York, people are not allowed to visit, he makes reference to the security guard who can come to redirect you. He said there is no more sociability in the society; people don’t want to be heard and fell like they are not here.

In this episode, we can understand that the noise in New York City is considered as a challenge that the city wants to control. These noises are coming from cars, busses, trains, musicians etc. Therefore, the city develops concert halls to control interior spaces. These spaces are designed to reduce voices or instruments song in the wall, they employ some new technology to control the acoustic. They are inspired by earbuds and headphones in which the sound of the music is very personal. For that reason, many public spaces where people used to go and enjoy music are close and now these areas are using digital songs to limit the noises.

In my own opinion, it is important to use the modern technology such as digital music because it is not expensive to produce songs and also it can save time. Behind the computer, a composer can produce many music. Also, by using digital equipment we can control the volume of the sound or use earphone to limit the noise. On the other hand, we should not forget to require to our musicians for some special events. It can help to create affection, union, love, relationship etc. between people.


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  1. Bella Acero

    I find your answer for question 1 episode 2 interesting. There are many places around New York where certain people can’t go or at least are being watched for some reason and that’s why alot dont agree with gentrification in their neighborhoods.

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