Blog Post #5

Almost every morning, I wake up with the sound of cars passing by my window and the song of birds outside. They are the most precise wake-up alarm clocks for me on weekdays. When I am boring having nothing to do, I’d like to hear the different kinds of sound around me. The sound of the wind passing through the leaves are slightly different depending on seasons. In the summer, the breeze is gentle. When it blows through the leaves, its sound is amazing just like the wind chime which slowly flows into your ears like clear streams. I’d like to seat near my windows looking at the tree outside. When the breeze blows, the leaves are dancing with the beautiful music produced by themselves. The shadow of the tree also dances for them. It is a perfect performance for our summer days. In the winter, the tree becomes the battleground for wind and dried leaves. When the cold wind hits the tree, I can hear the cry and shout of the leaves. The branches are shaking intensely protecting their friends —- leaves. The cold wind seems laugh at the dried leaves for their stubborn. It is a sad story for our winter days.