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Sonic example 2

While I was going through my Instagram I had the chance to watch a video of a couple dancing at the beach with nobody around, it was possible to only see the couple, the sea and the sand. It starts with a video without any sounds, however the person who edited that adds a song which gave to the video a new meaning, connection and sensitivity for the watchers. Being able to add feelings through sounds is powerful. What before was only two people dancing at the beach now becoming an old couple celebrating the story together. The video has a slow beat and it had less than 1 minute of duration, but once the music became part of the message it was possible to identify the signal and noise and how both together in that context got a full significant meaning. Watching that video it was still possible to visualize the process of transforming something that already existed to turn it into something even better. The music is a calm piano melody and it’s playing over that video it turns the music romantic based on the new context.


The human voice has played a significant role in composition throughout the history of music. Among important issues in the vocal repertoire are text intelligibility and the dichotomy between singing and speaking. Electronic means of music production and delivery have increased the potential for experimentation in this regard, resulting in an increased blurring of the distinction between music and language acting as driving force in many recent compositions. A sonic event deserves a unique location in this space if the variance of its characteristics is sufficiently small relative to the other pieces in consideration.​This lets the listener feel the sonic progression, creating anticipation for the climax, which arrives at the chorus  with the introduction of a sonically dominant bass line. It is even more effective at amping up the tension than adding elements because it creates a sonic void, making the listener crave for the return of those key elements.There is no doubt that Damon Krukowski is the right guy to be talking about music. He understands it at an intimate level where I either wished I could talk about it the same way, or that I could spend a couple hours picking his brain over a cup of coffee. Ways of Hearing is a curious book that doesn’t really have a thesis and is more of a work-in-progress. It discusses different aspects of music and noise. Really, it tries to distinguish between the two because even though this book is mostly about music, it’s also a lot about how we hear it, and as such has to deal with how it is that we hear noise in general.

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For the past two years, I have been working in Manhattan. The Hustle and bustle of the city became part of my daily life. Ever since the lockdown started, I realized how much I missed all the noise that made the city alive to me. For example, The annoying horn of the taxis, sounds of the train moving, the train operator’s announcement, the buzzing noise of people talking around me. All those noises I never paid attention to because they were noise and time to time these noises annoyed me, I crave for them. I was unable to relive my city life. Then I found a video on YouTube called “Taste of New York.” The video maker captured every noise that makes New York alive. I started to listen to those noises and found a rhythm to it. The noises became sound to me. Even though the city isn’t fully open yet, but I had the taste of my city life through this video, and it also made me realized how much I love this city and its noises.

A Taste of New York

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Music is one of the ways to connect with ourselves. To me, what I listen to always reflect what I feel. Music helps me to focus on my tasks. I like to listen to music when I’m walking, studying, or before going to sleep. When I’m exercising music, I hear to uplift my energy. I listen to ambient music while I’m studying or reading books. It gives a sense of calmness. It helps me to stay focus. The 1st device I used to listen to music was an MP4 player. I had only two songs downloaded, and I listened to them on repeat all the time. Over time the way we listen to music has changed. Nowadays, I use a YouTube music app to listen to music. The device we use to listen to music also changed. I have learned if you spend a good amount of money on the device your music experience will change drastically.

Sonic Example #2

While I was watching episode 6, I was thinking what is really considered noise?, who defines noise? Sometimes there is things that could be satisfying for some people, but for others it could be annoying. For example some people can’t stand people who chew noisy or people who sip their soup from the scoop. Some people get anxious with sounds like pen clicking or nail tipping.  While i was listening to Krukowski talk about noise it came to my mind the ASMR  (autonomous sensory meridian response) it’s a feeling of tingling and relaxation experienced by some people when they watch certain videos or hear certain sounds. There is a lot of videos of ASMR all over youtube, you can find ASMR of people eating, or people whispering with a soothing voice, people doing calming tasks like brushing their hair, typing, etc.

In my personal experience I really enjoy ASMR, I feel that tingling sensation sometimes and it;s so relaxing, I used to hear it when I was doing homework and it helped me to focus. however I haven’t watched any ASMR videos in a long time.

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Hey everybody (: I darkened this video footage a bit as a little test to make this tapping video a bit more sleep-inducing! Let me know if it’s something you like! Excuse the fact that I look a bit uh…ratchet in this video. My skin has been revolting against me.

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The Coca Cola Christmas commercial with red trucks caravan and their holiday famous song makes me feel nostalgic and brings me back to my childhood, I was amazed all the time when I was watching that commercial on tv. It gives people the sensation of living in a story full of magic, where people are happy and joyful, all together outside waiting to share a bottle of coca cola and enjoy the holiday, snow, and atmosphere warmth. The beautiful song, accompanied by the sound of sleigh bells, makes children to dream about their Christmas gift wishes, and that Santa Claus is coming. The commercial song gives us the feeling that Christmas lights make sounds as well, and the fascinating choir of voices singing, bring people all races, gender, and ages together. 


This is a natural sound, I always listening to this every day during quarantine due to stress being home all day, listing to this peaceful sound gives me energy and build up my mind by doing meditation while listening to this peaceful sound, Us human being we are always busy, I think during this pandemic it gives us time with family and knowing how hard is to stay home because of how our daily life with all the work/school kept our family apart. This sound represents the natural and beauty of real nature sound.

치유 명상음악 연속듣기 | 마음이 편안해지는 음악 | 스트레스 해소 음악 | 이완 효과가 있는 음악 | 잠잘때 듣는 음악 휴식을 위한 명상음악연속듣기

치유 명상음악 연속듣기 | 마음이 편안해지는 음악 | 스트레스 해소 음악 | 이완 효과가 있는 음악 | 잠잘때 듣는 음악 휴식을 위한 명상음악연속듣기 잠잘때 듣는 음악 명상음악 수면음악 수면유도음악 잠잘오는음악 명상 마음이 편안해지는 음악 숙면을 위한 음악 힐링음악 음악 명상음악연속듣기 스트레스 해소 음악 잠잘때 듣기 좋은 노래 잘때듣기좋은노래 뉴에이지

Blog Post #5

While I was watching episode 5 of Ways Of Hearing, it reminded me of the experiences I had when I was a young DJ back in 1988 when I was only 16 years old.  Specifically, I am referring to the part when he is  interviewing Jimmy Johnson of Forced Exposure, who indicated that he and his staff listen to every record that comes into the store so that may be able to provide knowledge and recommendations to their customers.  This very much correlated to why and how I purchased records for my collection to spin at the parties that I was hired to DJ for.  When I first started buying records I went to a few different stores and would buy the records that were hot, you know, the ones that were already being played on the radio and clubs.  Most of the top DJ record shops had a turntable so you could ask them to play a certain record for you, and it was mostly songs or artists that you already knew.  That was until I went to Vinylmania on Carmine Street in the West Village.  They had this young hispanic guy who worked there, well older than me, probably in his mid 20’s, and when I asked him to play a record he would, but then he would play a few more that he would recommend I buy.  Most of the time these were imports and were twice the price of the regular 12 inch singles.  And a lot of the time I didn’t even like the songs, but somehow he would convince me to buy them.  Sure enough after a week of listening to them, they grew on me immensely and a month or two later they were always the top songs in the clubs and on the radio.  This happened week after week and finally I stopped doubting his recommendations and as a result of that I was always the DJ with the best new stuff.  This experience was very relatable to that episode in that because of his knowledge and recommendations, which you didn’t get at the bigger stores like Tower Records, I was always able to have the best new music, much in the way Krukowski was able to hear that band from Japan because of the recommendations of the people at Forced Exposure.  In addition, had it been an algorithm that was deciding what new music I was gonna buy, I probably wouldn’t have found all those great up and coming hits. And that’s because they weren’t always that similar to the songs I had known up until that point.  Yes it was the same genre, but these recommended songs always were unique and maybe they wouldn’t have come up when I was searching for new music.  And even if they did, I probably wouldn’t have purchased them, because if you remember this gentleman always had to convince me to buy them.  Funny thing is this gentleman, Pal Joey, eventually became a pretty big house music record producer as well as producing some records for legendary Hip Hop artists such as BDP and MC Lyte.  So after googling his name it turns out many people had the same experience that I had, as is illustrated in the following article.

Pal Joey: A Fairy Tale Of New York · Feature ⟋ RA

Pal Joey may be the most underrated house producer on the scene, but a newly released retrospective compilation could finally bring his music to a wider audience after 25 years in the game.

Power Beats wireless headphones by Dr. Dre,  subsidiary of Apple Inc. this headphone is a revolution in digital audio technology, It connects by Bluetooth signal and it runs for hours before its battery run off, This headphone is wireless, so it is easy to move or run while you listening to music without any wire to interrupt your movement, Beats headphone is expensive and the price range start from 200 to 350 depends which generation you are buying, this headphone creates a privet space and it cuts all the other sounds around you, basically you won’t hear anything else except the music that you play. Beats company create this technology to make high profit from it because the internet made music free for everybody and you anyone can listen to music anytime anywhere, so Beats company made profit from the technology that help to hear music like headphones and earbuds. the advantages for this headphone are create a personal space, clear sounds without interfere with any noise, and easy to carry anywhere anytime, this device has disadvantages too such as the report issued from the world health organization to warn young people about the risk of losing hearing because using wireless headphone for so long hours could and will harm our ears.


Blog Posts: Sonic Examples 2

Blog Posts: Sonic Examples 2

Language communication is significant for interaction between different communities or cultures. Nowadays, many people are using the new digital technology to overcome the obstacle of language speaking. One of the most important tools used is google translate, some people also utilize Longman dictionary to find the signification of words and how to pronounce them. Based on what we see in the episodes of Ways of Hearing, good pronunciation is essential in the language translation and machine reading is sometimes incomprehensible. We can use google translation to interpret the dialect by speaking on the cellphone or writing the words or sentences. When it comes to the translating voices, we realize some unconformity about what we pronounce on the cellphone to what we get as a translation. The machine sometimes fails to translate our signal but try to interpret the voice or noise. In some cases, it is difficult to understand the words or sentences reading in the Longman dictionary. The machine’s voice cannot be compared to human being voice.

blog #5

Badshah – Genda Phool | Jacqueline Fernandez | Payal Dev | Hit Anthem of the Year 2021

The hit duo Badshah & Jacqueline Fernandez in this steamy track has broken all records and continues to feature in all the top charts across platforms making it the “Anthem of the Year”. Genda Phool has a distinct folk melody fused with uber urban sounds which marked a new era for Badshah.

Over few months, stuck in home and nothing much to do than listen to music and walk around neighborhood and do english class homework. Through digital the sound have  reached all over the world for example the above video is originated  from India and we here in USA can have access. As an fan of foreign music, digital have brought huge happiness in my life by having   access to all music around the world and able to  listen over and over.

In the music above they have use music and people dancing over it professionally wouldn’t be possible without digital media. Through digital media they were able to edit the song and didn’t required to do all over again. Hearing this music helps me avoid my loud neighbor and also helps avoid noise in street. Music also help me turn up the mood when you feeling tied.