Blog Post #4

Sonic Example

How does music affect our lives? Music affects our lives either way negatively or positively. meanwhile, you can hear a song that introduces how our lives are bad, and when cannot live lyrics made you get the worst feelings you have ever faced, that often happens. On the other side, music impact our lives positively through empowering your strength, relieving from stress or pain.  Sometimes you can have a song that expresses what you feel exactly. My favorite song in my life is “singin’ in the rain” from the movie “singin’ in the rain” actually all songs in this movie are amazing, especially this song. I watched this song with my dad when I was 6. My dad recorded this movie on the videotape. I adore this song because the song has full of happiness through the lyrics, melody,  the actor’s performance, and dancing in the rain. The first meaning of happiness for me was in this song, even though  I did not recognize what does love mean or experiences it before. The song has become a hit in the classic musical movies gene kelly’s performance became popular. Kelly was simplified in love so he sings I’m singin’ in the rain lyrics has a powerful meaning of happiness. I listen to this song daily. It means for me pure love, and happiness, moreover the melody of the song gives me serenity. The slow melody makes you calm and quiet. In contrast, the melody of a modern song brings nervousness and stress. You lose your inner peace with modern songs. according to Radiotopia’s first showcase series,” ways of hearing” by Krukowski said digital audio changes our perception and employs a different sense of time, space, and love. in this song, “singin’ in the rain” I used to listen to this song in my Walkman and then in my CD player, later on, I downloaded in my mp3. now I have this song in my song playlist on my phone. This song influences my life from an early age to now. this intro of the song “singing in the rain” lyrics.   

Just singin’ in the rain

What a glorious feeling

I’m happy again.

I’m laughing at clouds.

So dark up above,

The sun’s in my heart

And I’m ready for love.