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blog #5

For the past two years, I have been working in Manhattan. The Hustle and bustle of the city became part of my daily life. Ever since the lockdown started, I realized how much I missed all the noise that made the city alive to me. For example, The annoying horn of the taxis, sounds of the train moving, the train operator’s announcement, the buzzing noise of people talking around me. All those noises I never paid attention to because they were noise and time to time these noises annoyed me, I crave for them. I was unable to relive my city life. Then I found a video on YouTube called “Taste of New York.” The video maker captured every noise that makes New York alive. I started to listen to those noises and found a rhythm to it. The noises became sound to me. Even though the city isn’t fully open yet, but I had the taste of my city life through this video, and it also made me realized how much I love this city and its noises.

A Taste of New York

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blog #4

Music is one of the ways to connect with ourselves. To me, what I listen to always reflect what I feel. Music helps me to focus on my tasks. I like to listen to music when I’m walking, studying, or before going to sleep. When I’m exercising music, I hear to uplift my energy. I listen to ambient music while I’m studying or reading books. It gives a sense of calmness. It helps me to stay focus. The 1st device I used to listen to music was an MP4 player. I had only two songs downloaded, and I listened to them on repeat all the time. Over time the way we listen to music has changed. Nowadays, I use a YouTube music app to listen to music. The device we use to listen to music also changed. I have learned if you spend a good amount of money on the device your music experience will change drastically.

discussion question 7

  • What Kurowski means is people don’t like to go to the record store. But record stores are like a treasure, a place where you might find something amazing to buy, or you get information about the history of the record . however, because of the digital media source of our music has changed, and it became more accessible to everyone. Therefore, those sources start to value the most famous music as powerful and less mainstream music as the marginalized.



  • Forced Exposure, they listen to the music and write reviews about them where Spotify is more about using an algorithm to help people find the right music based on their mood, previous pick, or their search history.




  • Spotify, apple music, pandora, and any other source to listen to music they use our data, and our information to create a surprise playlist for us. Our taste for music change based on those surprises. On the other hand, searching for music is like discovering it. We might like it or not, but it is in our on to discover it.


  • According to Krukowski, noise is the signal we are not interested in, and a signal is a sound we pay attention to. It’s important because what we are not listening to become noise to us.


  • Everything we hear is noise until we focus on a certain sound. The noise we hear is a signal to someone’s ear.


  • In the end, it’s all about how digital tools changing and controlling our hearing. The way we communicate on the cell phone, the use of space to listen to music, using an algorithm to control or taste om music, also managing the noise and signal. Digital tools shape everything

discussion question 5

Episode 1



  • Real time is what we experience live. In real time people can express their true feeling and reaction. It can’t be control. In other hand digital time everything is organize by machine. Its pre- organize and can be controlled and re-created. We can control digital time based on our feelings and emotion however our feelings and emotions is controlled by real time.



  • He is means that the way we listen to the sound it can help us to located and understand our surrounding.



Episode 2  


  • Public space are for people to use in a freeway without being harassed by security and government. However when stores open these places the freedom get changed. It became someone’s investment there they need security and rules to protect it. public space change to private space in the name of development. Most people ignore these changes because their idea of public space is just park.




  • When country was developing and industrial economy was booming it was hard to control the noise around people. To listen to music and to feel it people start to build hall specifically to enjoy music. Even though the quality of sounds changed because of the walls, and big space. Earbuds are like an auditorium without walls and big space.


  • Sounds can help to navigate space. Makes more aware of our surrounding. There are so many sounds to listen .all we need to do is keep our ears open and listen. Living in New York sound is part of our daiy life. We can’t escape it better if we welcome it.

discussion question 4

  • Advertising is the process of  making people feel that they need to live and desire in certain way. They create an illusion of life and it is so real that people believe in it and buy every products to fulfill that illusion.


  • According to John Berger oil painting is way of owner to show is power and to show that his/hers achievement. Publicity photograph is way to show us what we need to achieve and our desire to have a perfect life. They uses their images to make us feel we need to buy certain products to achieve the their way of life.


  • John Berger spoke of three dream, I chose the dream of a faraway place. Often I like to imagine myself traveling in distance country.  Discovering new places and facing new adventure. Mostly because of the advertisement  from the travel agency make feel like to truly enjoy an adventure I need to travel far.

Blog post 3

Is the the purpose of the essay to educate, announce, entertain, or persuade?

  • The purpose of the essay to educate.

Who might be interested in the topic of the essay?

  • Students, peers, professor


Who would be impacted by the essay or the information within it?

  • Students who are interested in the topic.


What does the reader know about this topic?

  • The topic is useful & have strong thesis statement.


What does the reader need to know in order to understand the essay’s points?

  • The essay is well researched. It would be helpful to use dictionary or internet search to understand unfamiliar vocabulary.


What kind of hook is necessary to engage the readers and their interest?

  • A strong thesis statement and a good introduction to make reader comfortable about the rest of the writing.


What level of language is required? Words that are too subject-specific may make the writing difficult to grasp for readers unfamiliar with the topic.

  • Academic level of language required. Words should be understandable and not out of context .


What is an appropriate tone for the topic? A humorous tone that is suitable for an autobiographical, narrative essay may not work for a more serious, persuasive essay.

  • Tone should be depend on the topic is written about.



  1. Write a draft of your opening paragraph based on Chpter 3.2 Opening Paragraphs from English Composition: Connect, Collaborate, Communicate.


  • NY is one of the most crowded cities in the world. People come to NY from all over the places. Subway, restaurants, sidewalk are always crowded. It’s impossible to maintain distance from one another. when coronavirus pandemic hit in NY and governor asked everyone to stay at home it felt less like reality. In few days NY became a ghost city. Only essential worker was still working outside. The photograph by Yunghi Kim shows because  less people are going outside, people are able to maintain social distancing in the subway to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Discussion question 3

  • Nakedness means just to take off the clothes and being comfortable in your own skin. Nude means being watched and objectify by others. There are many products nowadays that use women’s nakedness and objectify them to attract male customers.


  • In the most western works of art where women are naked, men have clothes on. which shows,  by wearing clothes men are superior and women are there only to pleasure men and the people who are looking at her. These art has influenced the society for long time.  Many people still believe  women are born to pleasure men and give birth. People still thinks it’s alright to objectify women.


  • In the work of art men sees women naked  because that is how they want to see women. Women sees themselves in the mirror naked as sight of how man sees them. They judge themselves by the way they look or not look. The female gaze in painting are direct to the person looking at her outside, the person who is looking and judging her beauty. He use modern days magazine model picture these painting which has the same gaze and expression as the older European   In both place the women looking at person who is judging and objectifying them.

Blog #2

Mona lisa is one of the most famous painting of leonardo da vinci. People who don’t understand art they also know that this painting is famous for her facial expression. The mysterious smile. But in this meme her expression is cover with musk. For past few weeks government is encouraging people to wear musk to stop spread of corona virus. This new  picture send the massage to people that if Mona lisa can wear musk and hide her famous smile we can also wear musk and save life . John Berger said in his video that re produce paintings are been use as  form of information. In this picture Mona lisa is being use to create social awareness to wear musk .

Way of seeing #1

  • When Berger said that the process of seeing is not “natural”, that it is shaped by habits and convention he mean the way we see everything around us is based on our reality and perspective. When we see an art our eyes and mind try to understand the meaning of art based on what we see in our daily life. our knowledge of our surrounding,  our age and experience of communication, the way we try to understand and acknowledge other perspective is the reason  the way we see and understand art. Our perspective on art also depend on how easily it is accessible to us. An art can have any kind of meaning but the way we interpret is based on our view on life not from the artist point of view.


  • Camera and reproduction have been shaping the way we see art. because of camera and reproduction all the famous painting is easily accessible in our daily life, also the perspective of these painting start to change in our life. for example when I was a kid there was re produce picture of “Mona Lisa” and “taj mahal” in our living room. i was growing up seeing these re produce picture everyday. To me they were part of my daily life. so the way I view these picture is different from the people who traveled to India or Paris to see them.  people who saw the original Mona Lisa they understood the beauty and authenticity of the painting, they tried to see what Leonardo da Vinci saw when he started to paint her, they try interpret what her mysterious expression meant. the version of Mona Lisa I saw growing in my house doesn’t have any details to capture or any mystery understand. The way my view shaped isn’t about understanding the famous painting it represented comfort of my childhood home.


  • Berger said the reproduce painting become a form of information. The way re produce picture use to convey massage or part of advertisement to see other product. They became open to interpret based on what we see before, after or next to the reproduce painting. we shape the meaning of a reproduce painting based on the way it presented to us.