Blog Post #4

I have read the article that “Is Music a Good Tool For Health?” by Elizabeth Scott explains about music can help people treat disease and promote movement. Also, music can stimulate your brain to give to you some idea and help you concentrate. Music can control your heart rate and breathing which can help you to relax. I think music is a language all the people and animals know all music has feelings. Music can help each other heal their disease and benefit anyone.
In the world, every country has its own music, but you listen to music you can feel the singer’s feelings. Animals are the same as dolphins and whales. We can hear their song and know they are lonely or rejoice. We do not speak the same language, but we know it. This is music’s power. As like as I often listen to songs in other languages. I did not understand a lot of words in that music. I only knew a few words, but I knew the singer felt sad. The music was slow. When I heard this music, I am felt the man was crying. If you concentrate on the music, you can get into the world created by the music. Let you feel the singer’s heart through music. You know what he’s talking about because music is a language that reaches the heart.
Music’s’ power is great. It saves many people’s lives. Some pain management depression patients can listen to music and change their minds about committing suicide. Before I saw a news about cows. People played music for the caw. The cow made more milk. It proves music’s power is great. I believe anybody should like music when they are lonely. If you listen to happy music at the party, you can feel happier. If you listening to sad music can help you get out of the sadness.
We need music. Music is a special language that enables us to better understand other people’s feelings. We can feel it and also animals can feel it. music can help us get out of difficulty. So, I like music, because it expresses my heart.