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blog #5

Badshah – Genda Phool | Jacqueline Fernandez | Payal Dev | Hit Anthem of the Year 2021

The hit duo Badshah & Jacqueline Fernandez in this steamy track has broken all records and continues to feature in all the top charts across platforms making it the “Anthem of the Year”. Genda Phool has a distinct folk melody fused with uber urban sounds which marked a new era for Badshah.

Over few months, stuck in home and nothing much to do than listen to music and walk around neighborhood and do english class homework. Through digital the sound have  reached all over the world for example the above video is originated  from India and we here in USA can have access. As an fan of foreign music, digital have brought huge happiness in my life by having   access to all music around the world and able to  listen over and over.

In the music above they have use music and people dancing over it professionally wouldn’t be possible without digital media. Through digital media they were able to edit the song and didn’t required to do all over again. Hearing this music helps me avoid my loud neighbor and also helps avoid noise in street. Music also help me turn up the mood when you feeling tied.

discussion question #7

Episode 5. Power

-At the beginning of this episode, Krukowski asserts, “the marginal-the rejected-the repressed-is whatever the powerful have decided is of no use at the moment.” What does he mean by this statement? He goes on to ask, “But might it [the marginal-the rejected-the repressed] not be a key to alternate approaches-to art, to society-to power itself?” (“Marginalized” is an adjective that describes a person, group, or concept that is treated as insignificant or peripheral.) What is he trying to get at with this question? How does music indicate the differences between the powerful and the marginalized?

The online music platform has has dominate music industry because of how easy to excess than going to buy at store. what has been rejected or record people don’t listen could find store. He is trying to convince, going to record store can get more information and experience.

How are the music listening experiences enabled by Forced Exposure different from those that Paul Lamere is working on with platforms like Spotify?

Online platform such as Spotify, they do recommendation close to individual interesest and let decide themselves. Forced Exposure it pressure to listen or show something that individual have no interest and they do so without individual interest.

What distinctions does Krukowski draw between being “surprised” by music and “discovering” music? What are the differences between these experiences and according to Krukowski, why are they important?

Online music platform suggest music of listener taste which doesn’t surprise, on the other hand music discover is something found new which surprises.

Episode 6, Noise

-According to Krukowski, what is noise? What is signal? Why are these distinctions important?

Krukowski mention The sound of noise is indestructible, if you  turn up volume you turn the noise. On other hand signal could eliminate the noise around, if you turn up the volume you turn up signal.

What central idea about noise does this episode convey? Why is it significant?

How noise is inevitable and it break through signal. It is significant because noise is something we people daily deal with and it  is  everywhere.

How does this episode relate to other episodes? 

This episode also share the concept of how the switch of analog to digital have impact to  ways of hearing, How people hear noise and signal and how it had a  impact on them .




Discussion question #6

Episode 3

– According to Krukowski, what are the main differences between a microphone and a cellphone and why is this difference important?       

The main difference between microphone and cell phone  according to Krukowski is that microphone has proximity effect and cell phone doesn’t because it have switched to  digital. He mention that cell phone don’t transmit the full sound that picked up by mic, instead it eliminate the sound which pick by engineer.

What do Krukowski and Gary Tomlinson, the professor he interviews, assert about the “musical” qualities of the voice and how are these changed by digital transmission?

Digital help spread our word to the distance but they fail us in many ways. we tried to communicate one to one, not only we left hanging, speaking to air one hand and listening to the  nothing in the other but even as all working as supposed to, the sound of digital voice is limited it is striped to that minimum we need to recognize a voice and decode its word, word don’t say everything, Gary mention that on his his term “They are musically absences at the heart of language we are at the heart of language, we are musical beings, as much as linguistic ones”.

– What is the significance of Krukowski’s comments on the voice to ideas about community and interpersonal connection?

Through digital our sounds has reached  many communities but it has failed us with one to one communication.

Episode 4

-Krukowski begins by discussing the issue of music file sharing. What is your opinion of this issue? Should music be freely available or should one have to pay? 

In my opinion music shouldn’t be freely available because to produce music needs lot of time and cost money. Music has become a business where some people make their living. Even paying  a Quarter to play a music from machine is understandible because that machine produce a source of income to the owner.  Furthermore artist has spent huge amount of money to produce music and it required labor such as music editor, videographer and many more. For an artist produce music has been there job and every job is required to pay.

How does this episode represent the relationships between music, community, and culture?

Music has reached  many  communities through  digital. Music have been perform in different country with their own style. Different cultural have their own style in music and people have express their cultural through music. Widespread of music shared  cultural to other community .


blog #4

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Sound has been a big part of my life for relaxation, enjoyment and avoid the noise from surrounding. One of the example i posted above the sound of rain drizzle, I played this sound every night before I go to bed. Not just this sound gives me relaxation and it also nostalgic. I was born in Dharamshala , India. Over there it always rain, Since i was little child I used to fall sleep through sound of rain and still I need that sound because I’m used to it and can’t fall sleep  without it. therefore this sound carry a heavy weight in my life.

Furthermore sound also helps me avoid noise from my neighbor. Every weekend my neighbor had party and they blast music from early morning to night dark which is frustrating because those are my only  day off. The loud music annoys me but it could be joyful to some. What i meant to say is sound could be pleasant or noise, it depends to the listener.

discussion #5

-What is Krukowski’s main point about how we experience time in the “real” world versus are experiences with “digital” time? Why are these differences significant?      Krukowski’s describe the real world as a live time and digital time as a machine time. The real world people could listen at time and digital time people can change the way how they want to hear it for instance making it slow motion or fast forward.

-What does Krukowski mean when he says that listening has a lot to do with how we navigate space       

Listening the sounds of your surrounding can gives understanding what’s happening around you and it could help lead the way.

Episode 2

– In the interview at the beginning of the episode, Jeremiah Moss argues that developers in Astor Place are “privatizing public space in a very stealth way.” What does he mean by this? What does Moss say about the distinction between public and private space, and why is it important?

He mention that people in Tokyo pretend they are sleeping to avoid eye contact and privatizing themselves and people in New York wear head phones to avoid the surrounding noise where speaker says avoiding ear contact. Moss mention that people who are on their phone and walking by the street are they really thier and he also goes saying that those people create the private bubble.

-What is the significance of Emily Thompson’s idea that the development of concert halls arose from desires to “control interior spaces”? How is this desire, according to Krukowski, related to earbuds and headphones? 

The concert hall is build to  avoid unwanted noise and provide people what they wanted to hear. Same as an earbuds and headphones the sound it within the inside ear and people can avoid the surrounding sounds.

-In your own opinion, what are the key ideas from this episode about the relationship between sound and space? What strikes you as interesting about the ways that sound influences our experience of space

HyperGentrification  has created more noise pollution such example given in episode , more cars and more people doing the rush hour creating loud noise. Listening to sounds around can help understand  where you at on the map and help navigate.

discussion question #4


Publicity purpose to each of us in us consumer society  that we can change out self or our lives by buying something more. This more publicity persuades  us and make us feel richer in some way richer even though we will be poorer by having spending our money. Publicity persuades us this transformation by showing us people who have apparently been transformed and one. In the result it envy people.


Although oil painting and publicity are related to the same principle that you are what you have, however their purpose and effect is very different. Oil painting the owner reflect themselves and publicity is persuades  people to buy more.


The skin dream, Models advertise a skin cream which will cure the acne showing an before and after image of using the cream, how it really cure but in reality those image were edited and the result of face is not because of the cream, it is acquired by make up. It persuaded  people to desire the result of that model has and fooled them to purchase it.


blog #3


  • Is the the purpose of the essay to educate, announce, entertain, or persuade?
  • The purpose of essay can be depends on the writer. if the writer essay to educate the essay will be based on education.
  • Who might be interested in the topic of the essay?
  • Is important understand the purpose of essay so, the writer can stick to their point. if the essay is about entertainment  than it should be focus only on entertaining  .
  • Who would be impacted by the essay or the information within it?
  • The writer   must be interest in the topic so the writer will gain more passion about the essay.
  • What does the reader know about this topic?
  • the reader know only a brief  description about the topic but they will know more by reading the whole essay.
  • What does the reader need to know in order to understand the essay’s points?
  • the information within the essay will help writer prove their thesis and understand what kind of essay it is.
  • What kind of hook is necessary to engage the readers and their interest?
  • hook should be debatable and appealing  to reader’s emotion.
  • What level of language is required? Words that are too subject-specific may make the writing difficult to grasp for readers unfamiliar with the topic.
  • The language should be formal and writer shouldn’t use synonym that doesn’t work with the sentence, it could lead to confusion to the readers.
  • What is an appropriate tone for the topic? A humorous tone that is suitable for an autobiographical, narrative essay may not work for a more serious, persuasive essay.
  • the tone should be according to the essay, of the writer wrote persuasive essay than the tone should be serious or if it is about entertainment than the tone could be joyful.
  • 2.    Write a draft of your opening paragraph based on Chapter 3.2 Opening Paragraphs from English Composition: Connect, Collaborate, Communicate
  • The danger of self driving car. the automative system technology has improved drastically and it is used in enormous   number in this modern days. Using automative system is useful and makes people lives much easier by doing the heavy works and it is highly recommended however self driving car shouldn’t not be legalize because  of  people safety concern . For instance self driving car could be trick by human because it cant make  a decision by its own. furthermore it could be also get hacked   and cause accident since  its  all computer based . although self driving car made people life much easier people should drive themself.

discussion #3

  1. Berger mention “Naked is the oneself but nude is seen by others and yet not recognized by oneself”because of others individual interest and desire. These two are  significant difference, one is treating women an object and not letting exercise their freedom, on the other hand nakedness is done by there own wish, i don’t see any issue. people  have right to to do anything with there own body. nakedness  could  could be helpful   for study. nakedness have shown in my  anatomy subject for more deep understanding of human reproductive system or study human body in general.
  2. The western work of art depicted and defined inequality between men and women, men as superior and dominate over women ,treating women as an object for painter art to satisfy the mens desire. However the present society have completely change. women and men are equivalent in terms of power and freedom. women can denied if something they don’t getting pleasure doing. there is still nudity this days but the difference is those nudity have posted by their own wish for advertisement of brands or to gain popularity such as models.
  3. The significance of mirror in painting is a symbol of vanity. women look at mirror to picture herself how the mens looked at her. first thing she saw her as sight, sight for men. The painting of female to painter own pleasure. Nakedness have become a uniform for women means nakedness has consider same as wearing clothes. Berger discuss  some painting of men and women where men look at women eyes as true lover but the women eye had looked  to the spectator meaning the painting is for mens spectator pleasure. The number of female nude painting is enormous in Europe but i believe that number had decrease this days.

blog #2

The art above called  “comedian” made by artist Maurizio Catalan has become one of most debatable art last year. The art is literally just a real banana which is duct tape to the white plain wall. The art gained  popularity   not because the meaning or history behind it. The popularity of this art gain because the art was sold for $120,000. This topic had become headline for many news channel and was trending in all over social media. Some people find it funny and some have inspired by the art.  The amount that art was sell for many people have get fascinated about the art and started analyzing and finding meaning behind this art.   The huge success  of this art express the people enthusiastic  over art.  most of People have made a replica of the art and hang to their wall as decoration.

discussion #2

  1. People sees a painting and tents the meaning of painting through habits and conventions. Our generation will look at painting as different way as compare to people form 19th century because our way of living has drastic change. People look at the painting a see meaning through their own experience. Therefore is not natural.
  2. The camera has changed our by giving more closer look of painting and showing a different perspective. Through the device the painting come to us rather than we physically present where the painting is , Berger mentioned “seeing the painting as physically present will make feel the authenticity of the painting and could show you the real meaning. As well as seeing a painting in screen can deceive the meaning of the painting actual meaning. Berger says “stillness and silence  of painting can be striking” means painting can’t speak but it will make you thinking and start questioning yourself standing at one place.
  3. When he describe painting a “form of information” means painting could be source of information. Later he mention “picture were like words rather than holy relic ” after he shows the painting of artist Caravaggio to the group of children who doesn’t know anything about the artist  was able to know the sexuality of artist by looking at the picture and taking out the detail of image comparing to their own experience or their  knowledge. Reproduction of art had made accessibly to many people. Through this art has loss a real value of art. People had art hanging in wall and comparing themself and others to the art.