Sonic Example #1

Watch Ariana Grande Accidentally Curse MULTIPLE TIMES During GRAMMYs Interview

ET’s Keltie Knight spoke with the GRAMMY nominee ahead of the 62nd GRAMMY Awards on Sunday. #GRAMMYs Exclusives from #ETonline :…

The first episode of Ways of Hearing talked about how digital time lags behind real time due to latency. The example they use is of a baseball game on announcer on the radio that is out of sync with the game on the TV because the TV had switched from analog to digital transmission. This made me think of how award shows censor accidental cursing on live television. At the Grammy Awards earlier this year, singer Arianna Grande accidentally cursed during a live interview, which is prohibited on most television networks. Luckily, due to digital being a few seconds behind real time, the network was able to cover the curses with bleep noises. I used to ask my parents how the Grammys could censor mishaps if they were happening live, and they told me that TV is behind, so they use that time to cover mistakes. This podcast showed me that digital made that easier, if not allowing it to be possible at all.