Sonic Example #2

While I was watching episode 6, I was thinking what is really considered noise?, who defines noise? Sometimes there is things that could be satisfying for some people, but for others it could be annoying. For example some people can’t stand people who chew noisy or people who sip their soup from the scoop. Some people get anxious with sounds like pen clicking or nail tipping.  While i was listening to Krukowski talk about noise it came to my mind the ASMR  (autonomous sensory meridian response) it’s a feeling of tingling and relaxation experienced by some people when they watch certain videos or hear certain sounds. There is a lot of videos of ASMR all over youtube, you can find ASMR of people eating, or people whispering with a soothing voice, people doing calming tasks like brushing their hair, typing, etc.

In my personal experience I really enjoy ASMR, I feel that tingling sensation sometimes and it;s so relaxing, I used to hear it when I was doing homework and it helped me to focus. however I haven’t watched any ASMR videos in a long time.

No Title

Hey everybody (: I darkened this video footage a bit as a little test to make this tapping video a bit more sleep-inducing! Let me know if it’s something you like! Excuse the fact that I look a bit uh…ratchet in this video. My skin has been revolting against me.