Power Beats wireless headphones by Dr. Dre,  subsidiary of Apple Inc. this headphone is a revolution in digital audio technology, It connects by Bluetooth signal and it runs for hours before its battery run off, This headphone is wireless, so it is easy to move or run while you listening to music without any wire to interrupt your movement, Beats headphone is expensive and the price range start from 200 to 350 depends which generation you are buying, this headphone creates a privet space and it cuts all the other sounds around you, basically you won’t hear anything else except the music that you play. Beats company create this technology to make high profit from it because the internet made music free for everybody and you anyone can listen to music anytime anywhere, so Beats company made profit from the technology that help to hear music like headphones and earbuds. the advantages for this headphone are create a personal space, clear sounds without interfere with any noise, and easy to carry anywhere anytime, this device has disadvantages too such as the report issued from the world health organization to warn young people about the risk of losing hearing because using wireless headphone for so long hours could and will harm our ears.