Sonic example 2

While I was going through my Instagram I had the chance to watch a video of a couple dancing at the beach with nobody around, it was possible to only see the couple, the sea and the sand. It starts with a video without any sounds, however the person who edited that adds a song which gave to the video a new meaning, connection and sensitivity for the watchers. Being able to add feelings through sounds is powerful. What before was only two people dancing at the beach now becoming an old couple celebrating the story together. The video has a slow beat and it had less than 1 minute of duration, but once the music became part of the message it was possible to identify the signal and noise and how both together in that context got a full significant meaning. Watching that video it was still possible to visualize the process of transforming something that already existed to turn it into something even better. The music is a calm piano melody and it’s playing over that video it turns the music romantic based on the new context.