blog #5

For the past two years, I have been working in Manhattan. The Hustle and bustle of the city became part of my daily life. Ever since the lockdown started, I realized how much I missed all the noise that made the city alive to me. For example, The annoying horn of the taxis, sounds of the train moving, the train operator’s announcement, the buzzing noise of people talking around me. All those noises I never paid attention to because they were noise and time to time these noises annoyed me, I crave for them. I was unable to relive my city life. Then I found a video on YouTube called “Taste of New York.” The video maker captured every noise that makes New York alive. I started to listen to those noises and found a rhythm to it. The noises became sound to me. Even though the city isn’t fully open yet, but I had the taste of my city life through this video, and it also made me realized how much I love this city and its noises.

A Taste of New York

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