Discussion 6

Question 1:

According to Krukowski, when we record our voices through the microphone, we have the ability to coalesce ourselves and delete unwanted voices. Also, the movement around the microphone has an effect on the sound dish. For example, when the singer approaches the microphone, the sound becomes deeper, and this makes listeners feel more with words, but when he moves away, he gives more clarity to the sound. As for the mobile phone, it is an invention for the exchange of messages. Krukowski says that sometimes sounds on the phone are worse than nature. But the most important feature in it is communication.

Question 2: 

Professor Tomlinson says that the best thing that happens during communication is the musical aspect and the tone of the sound, as we are creatures love music  by nature. He also clarified that at the present time, his linguist teachers give great importance to the rules only. Krakowski explains that non-verbal quality and words lose their sense of feeling and affection as a result of exchanging electronic messages.

Question 3:

The phone has improved the methods of communication between people because our voices are able to travel around the world, but it does not have the ability to transmit emotions, so the interview is considered a face to face essential.

Question 4:

Musicians always face problems related to violating intellectual property rights as a result of stealing original songs and making them illegal. However, with the advent of new electronic music platforms, people became more aware of the artist’s efforts. Therefore, I find that there must be a financial return for artistic works as a result of the effort and the time it gives.

Question 5:

From the beginnings, music is part of humanity. Always every culture is distinguished by its unique taste with music. And in our time, there are many types of music that express the region of origin due to digital development and cultural openness. Music has become the expression of society and culture, not just its creators.

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  1. Tereza Koniakovska - Bors

    I agree, that the music is closely attached to the society and culture and that it is not expression just of the creator. Yet I think that it is the extra essence of the individual or specific group that makes the possible impact on us.

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