Discussion Question #3

Question 1:

According to Burger, “The difference between nakedness and nudity is that nakedness is to be only without clothes, but nudity is that others see you naked without realizing it, and it is a form of artistic expression in European artistic culture. It was mentioned in the video that the women drawn naked in European paintings drew like this is because this is the way women are judged to be seen.They used this method as a symbol of idealism and expression of the soul. But this art carries a masculine look and a kind of satisfying desire.

Question 2:

As Berger said at the start of the video, men look at women while women look at themselves. Because men are seen as having strength and they are the ones who start doing the deeds and they are the most suitable to make decisions, the view of women is limited to their ability to draw men’s attention to them. Therefore, women were drawn nude in portraits in Europe, such as Venus, to attract male viewers, in order to attract them sexually, not intellectually or artistically. Then the woman is declared if she is of high beauty and attractive physical characteristics. In the case of looking at the hardworking man and the man who provides something to his family. Which led to reducing the role of women in society, and this is exactly the opposite.At the moment, the situation has become somewhat equal. Women have many of their rights.

Question 3:

The woman was drawn in the painting with a mirror in order to show the woman’s charm and as a symbol of vanity and it was called with the same name because of that reason. It was used to reinforce the idea of what a woman should look like and what a man would look like. And Berger also mentioned that European painters at this time often depicted women naked and this reflects their sexual perception of them and in order to attract the largest number of viewers.

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  1. Scott Levine

    I feel like you missed the negative connotations of nudity. You are correct in your explanation, but I think that Berger is implying that nudity is not there for artistic integrity but rather there for a male chauvinistic enjoyment of the female form. It is in tune with the inequalities of gender and the unfair gender roles society has placed on women.

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