discussion question #4

Question 1:

Advertising is the process of persuading people to change something in his life through different artistic methods and images, as it is a strategy to attract people and their illusion to a more attractive life. Therefore people spend due to the state of envy that occurs and in order to achieve joy.


Question 2:

According to Berger, oil paintings are a way of expressing their owner in order to show off and be proud of themselves. These paintings appear as a means to show off and power and to show blessings and celebrate success. European painters were drawing men around them, beautiful women and fruit as a way to express luxury. This is the case for advertisements, it creates the desire to own something we do not yet have, so we are encouraged to work in order to earn money, so that the idea of money and power is established and they are a way to a better life.


Question 3:

As in the video, advertising  shows one of three dream types. Dream of late tonight is the dream of a perfect life in which everything is beautiful and everyone is smiling. This kind works on people’s imagination and influences people to infect themselves in order to own those things that make them part of a life of luxury and pleasure. But this type affects the psychological and financial condition of individuals due to the state of envy and the challenge it creates.

5 thoughts on “discussion question #4

  1. Irina Pistol

    Salma I agree with what you have mentioned in the second paragraph, that advertisement and publicity indirectly influence people to work harder to be able to buy more things presented by them.

  2. Salma Hassan Post author

    We at the time of social media, bloggers and fashionistas. People are in conflict for a good picture, traveling in luxurious places and expensive cars. Therefore, advertising companies are exploiting these points to increase their sales.

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