Discussion 7

Question 1:

When the author entered the record store , he found some albums from an ancient time, some of them expired. This indicates that downloading songs from the Internet is now the trend of going to the record store and buying CDs. However, despite all this, going on to the record store is another experience, and it is possible to learn information about songs that we did not know and we may find types of music that we did not know.

Question 2:

Jimmy from Forced Exposure Collects songs of various genres and when he likes something he records it and he knows what he will hear later. As for Paul Lamre’s experience in sites like Spotify, he makes an automatic way to choose songs based on the person’s taste, and he selects similar songs.

Question 3:

Krakowski explains that surprising is to make people hear new types of music they have not looked for. So surprise is different from discovering. Also, with the development of music platforms, it has become an analysis of the database of individuals in order to provide songs to their own taste, so surprising opportunities decreased. 

Question 4:

According to Krakowski, noise is the voices that we hear around us, we do not give them attention, and we can easily ignore them. While the signal is the voices we deliberately hear and take attention from us.

Question 5:

The episode talks about signal and noise. Because the signal is always intertwined with the noise. As Korkowski emphasized that it is necessary for people to understand the messages behind the noise, where unexpected things can be reached as a result of its contemplation.

Question 6:

This episode expresses how technology has made us control sounds and music, as we have the ability to add or block sounds. It is also evidence that digital sounds changed human experiences in listening to music. Therefore, this episode is considered as an explanation and a general concept for the program Way Of Hearing

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  1. Tereza Koniakovska - Bors

    I like the last sentence where you are saying that the last episode is an explanation of a general concept for the program’s Way Of Hearing. Blocking the noises or adjusting the signal is actually the base of each episode and probably even the purpose of the digitalizing of the music in general.

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