discussion question 5

Question 1

Krukowski‘s main idea was how to experience real and digital time. He says the real time the world is going through is contemporary, characterized by flexibility and change. To give an example when we do something unwanted to us, time passes slowly. Unlike the time we have fun, time passes quickly. But digital time is not real, and it was called latency time, because it is late because of translating information and digital sounds, then transferring it via electronic devices so we can hear it.

Question 2

Krukowski meant that sounds could be an indication of where we are. We can also learn about our whereabouts when we hear the sounds around us. It does not matter the noise of New York because when we put headphones on and hear some music, it moves us to the place it came from.

Question 3

According to Jeremiah Moss, “privatizing public space in a very stealth way.” , And he meant that everyone became occupied only with his private space and phone. And this contributed to converting public places into private spaces. Therefore, the public places lost their special features as places to meet and take a table and chair as a result of people busy with their screen. Although these places are not privatized, there are new rules for privacy developers.

Question 4 

According to Emily Thompson, the idea of the evolution of concert halls came to control the sounds in the interior. And also as a result of the development of musical instruments with loud sounds, and also because of the difficult period for people due to the development of cars and trains with the sounds of noisy engines. So people had a desire to control all this noise and control too in the sound, so it came from the idea of the concert hall. Krukowski says that the earphones also came from the same idea as everyone wants to build their own room.

Question 5

From my point of view, the relationship between space and sound is a relationship to determine location. We always remember where we were when we heard a musical sound or even another sound. Even the sound of noise in big cities has its mark and remembrance.