Ways of Hearing Episodes 3&4 /Discussion 4

Episode 1

D1 : The main difference between a microphone and a cellphone according to Krukowski is that the microphone has a proximity affect but the cellphone doesn’t have it and that is important because when  transmitting ,the cellphone lost the full rang of sound pick up by the mic.

D2: Krukowski and prof Gary Tomlinson  assert about the  “musical” qualities  of the voice  that was good because when singing on microphone  people know your voice very well .But these changed by digital transmission is getting worse .

D3: The significance of Krukowski’s comments on the voice to ideas about community and interpersonal connection  is the way people are capable to recognise voices . Digital tools make it possible to share our word across  great distances  but they failed us in so many ways as we tried to communicate one to one . The sound of our voice across digital life is limited .

Episode 2

D4: For me the issue of music file sharing is a good thing  for musicians to be more popular . By sharing their file , they travel across the world and will be well known .It is kind of goo interesting to know someone works even you hadn’t got chance to meet him one on one . Yes music should be freely available to audience  in term of where they are listening it but for those who want to see they musician performing live must pay for it .

D5 : Money is the main key which is representing  the relationship between music ,community and culture because doing everything turns around it . How to become worthy making music , how to keep this essence of music in the community and so on .

D6: According to me charging money for music impede the formation of communities around this music .