Discussion Questions #4

  1.  For consumers it proposes/convinces them people like myself of an idea, message or product which will ultimately benefit our lives by buying something more and claiming as our lives will be enriched but in reality we’ll be losing money having spent on the point the advertisement made.   It’s significant since it depicts the buyers in an image of themselves where they will be enviable and result in being seen in themselves as glamorous by the product or idea that it’s trying to sell which is a means of happiness. However it should also be noted without envy glamour can’t exist according to Berger which the status is open to everyone yet only enjoyed by a select few.
  2. It shows the importance as one is an art form and the other which use publicity that often use sculptures or paintings to depict their own message. They both share the same ideals and principle that “you are what you have” but their purposes and effects are different. Publicity while having many direct references to the arts in the past its different as it appeals to a way of living to look up to but haven’t yet accomplished. Publicity images/advertisements claim if you buy into their service or product your way of life which includes even relations and money will flourish thanks to their product. It plays upon your fear of not being wanted , of being enviable, lacking glamour and being a nobody. Whereas the oil painting illustrated the owner of his own possessions and his way of life that he was enjoying already which took into account facts of his life and magnified his view of life.
  3. In the video Berger spoke of three dreams, the one I was interested in is ” The Dream Of Later Tonight”. In this dream the advertisements is using in the form of colorful vivid pictures, illustrations showing everyone smiling, enjoying each other company surrounded by products that give off pleasure. It appeals to you in a way that shows your way of life being glamorous due to the alcohol and cigarette that are what is allowing you to experience such a bliss yet contrary to that you’d also know these can kill you and often be abused.