discussion question 4

  • Advertising is the process of ¬†making people feel that they need to live and desire in certain way. They create an illusion of life and it is so real that people believe in it and buy every products to fulfill that illusion.


  • According to John Berger oil painting is way of owner to show is power and to show that his/hers achievement. Publicity photograph is way to show us what we need to achieve and our desire to have a perfect life. They uses their images to make us feel we need to buy certain products to achieve the their way of life.


  • John Berger spoke of three dream, I chose the dream of a faraway place. Often I like to imagine myself traveling in distance country. ¬†Discovering new places and facing new adventure. Mostly because of the advertisement ¬†from the travel agency make feel like to truly enjoy an adventure I need to travel far.

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  1. Tereza Koniakovska - Bors

    Sometimes, I am imagining that I will go on some trip and how perfect it is going to be, but then I start to think that in order to have my trip really perfect, I will need a new swimsuit, for example, or that super dress I just saw on somewhere. Then I realize, how shallow and manipulated is my way of thinking. I guess it is a good thing, that at least I am aware of it and trying to become less influenced.

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