Discussion question #4

  1. According to Berger publicity persuade consumers to spend their money showing them people who have a way of life, a possession or something the consumer would like to have, the purpose of publicity is to convince the consumer that buying certain objects, or acquiring certain service will change their lives. The purpose of publicity is to make people spend money in things that would make them seem richer or feel happier than they really are, even though they are poorer because they spend money in that. Publicity makes people think they could be someone they are not just by buying things.

2. Berger argues that glamour is a new concept that didn’t exist for the aristocratic society because when you born into a predetermined social class, being impossible to overcome poverty the concept of personal envy is a less familiar emotion, so without social envy glamour can’t exist. Berger compare oil paintings and publicity saying that they “share many of the same ideals, all of them related to the principle that you are what you have. Their purpose and their effects, however, are very different”, oil paintings used to show the real life of the owner, showing his wealth and power, publicity is about a way of life that the viewer aspire to have, publicity shows how these possessions could even improve your relationship with people, from your sexual life to your relationship with your family.

3. Publicity plays with the viewer’s mind, making people believe that they are not enough to be enviable, but they can still achieve the dream. One of the dreams Berger talks about is “the dream of a faraway place” in these kind of publicity they show people being and acting so natural with people of other cultures, and in beautiful places so the people can question themselves and think that maybe a trip to somewhere else could change their lives or give meaning to it.

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  1. Bella Acero

    I like you’re description for publicity. I think people do try hard to fit into a social class that they don’t belong in and the only way to do this is by wasting money on materialistic things.

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