discussion #3

  1. Berger mention “Naked is the oneself but nude is seen by others and yet not recognized by oneself”because of others individual interest and desire. These two are  significant difference, one is treating women an object and not letting exercise their freedom, on the other hand nakedness is done by there own wish, i don’t see any issue. people  have right to to do anything with there own body. nakedness  could  could be helpful   for study. nakedness have shown in my  anatomy subject for more deep understanding of human reproductive system or study human body in general.
  2. The western work of art depicted and defined inequality between men and women, men as superior and dominate over women ,treating women as an object for painter art to satisfy the mens desire. However the present society have completely change. women and men are equivalent in terms of power and freedom. women can denied if something they don’t getting pleasure doing. there is still nudity this days but the difference is those nudity have posted by their own wish for advertisement of brands or to gain popularity such as models.
  3. The significance of mirror in painting is a symbol of vanity. women look at mirror to picture herself how the mens looked at her. first thing she saw her as sight, sight for men. The painting of female to painter own pleasure. Nakedness have become a uniform for women means nakedness has consider same as wearing clothes. Berger discuss  some painting of men and women where men look at women eyes as true lover but the women eye had looked  to the spectator meaning the painting is for mens spectator pleasure. The number of female nude painting is enormous in Europe but i believe that number had decrease this days.