discussion question #7

Episode 5. Power

-At the beginning of this episode, Krukowski asserts, “the marginal-the rejected-the repressed-is whatever the powerful have decided is of no use at the moment.” What does he mean by this statement? He goes on to ask, “But might it [the marginal-the rejected-the repressed] not be a key to alternate approaches-to art, to society-to power itself?” (“Marginalized” is an adjective that describes a person, group, or concept that is treated as insignificant or peripheral.) What is he trying to get at with this question? How does music indicate the differences between the powerful and the marginalized?

The online music platform has has dominate music industry because of how easy to excess than going to buy at store. what has been rejected or record people don’t listen could find store. He is trying to convince, going to record store can get more information and experience.

How are the music listening experiences enabled by Forced Exposure different from those that Paul Lamere is working on with platforms like Spotify?

Online platform such as Spotify, they do recommendation close to individual interesest and let decide themselves. Forced Exposure it pressure to listen or show something that individual have no interest and they do so without individual interest.

What distinctions does Krukowski draw between being “surprised” by music and “discovering” music? What are the differences between these experiences and according to Krukowski, why are they important?

Online music platform suggest music of listener taste which doesn’t surprise, on the other hand music discover is something found new which surprises.

Episode 6, Noise

-According to Krukowski, what is noise? What is signal? Why are these distinctions important?

Krukowski mention The sound of noise is indestructible, if you  turn up volume you turn the noise. On other hand signal could eliminate the noise around, if you turn up the volume you turn up signal.

What central idea about noise does this episode convey? Why is it significant?

How noise is inevitable and it break through signal. It is significant because noise is something we people daily deal with and it  is  everywhere.

How does this episode relate to other episodes? 

This episode also share the concept of how the switch of analog to digital have impact to  ways of hearing, How people hear noise and signal and how it had a  impact on them .