Discussion question #6

Episode 3

– According to Krukowski, what are the main differences between a microphone and a cellphone and why is this difference important?       

The main difference between microphone and cell phone  according to Krukowski is that microphone has proximity effect and cell phone doesn’t because it have switched to  digital. He mention that cell phone don’t transmit the full sound that picked up by mic, instead it eliminate the sound which pick by engineer.

What do Krukowski and Gary Tomlinson, the professor he interviews, assert about the “musical” qualities of the voice and how are these changed by digital transmission?

Digital help spread our word to the distance but they fail us in many ways. we tried to communicate one to one, not only we left hanging, speaking to air one hand and listening to the  nothing in the other but even as all working as supposed to, the sound of digital voice is limited it is striped to that minimum we need to recognize a voice and decode its word, word don’t say everything, Gary mention that on his his term “They are musically absences at the heart of language we are at the heart of language, we are musical beings, as much as linguistic ones”.

– What is the significance of Krukowski’s comments on the voice to ideas about community and interpersonal connection?

Through digital our sounds has reached  many communities but it has failed us with one to one communication.

Episode 4

-Krukowski begins by discussing the issue of music file sharing. What is your opinion of this issue? Should music be freely available or should one have to pay? 

In my opinion music shouldn’t be freely available because to produce music needs lot of time and cost money. Music has become a business where some people make their living. Even paying  a Quarter to play a music from machine is understandible because that machine produce a source of income to the owner.  Furthermore artist has spent huge amount of money to produce music and it required labor such as music editor, videographer and many more. For an artist produce music has been there job and every job is required to pay.

How does this episode represent the relationships between music, community, and culture?

Music has reached  many  communities through  digital. Music have been perform in different country with their own style. Different cultural have their own style in music and people have express their cultural through music. Widespread of music shared  cultural to other community .