discussion #2

  1. People sees a painting and tents the meaning of painting through habits and conventions. Our generation will look at painting as different way as compare to people form 19th century because our way of living has drastic change. People look at the painting a see meaning through their own experience. Therefore is not natural.
  2. The camera has changed our by giving more closer look of painting and showing a different perspective. Through the device the painting come to us rather than we physically present where the painting is , Berger mentioned “seeing the painting as physically present will make feel the authenticity of the painting and could show you the real meaning. As well as seeing a painting in screen can deceive the meaning of the painting actual meaning. Berger says “stillness and silence  of painting can be striking” means painting can’t speak but it will make you thinking and start questioning yourself standing at one place.
  3. When he describe painting a “form of information” means painting could be source of information. Later he mention “picture were like words rather than holy relic ” after he shows the painting of artist Caravaggio to the group of children who doesn’t know anything about the artist  was able to know the sexuality of artist by looking at the picture and taking out the detail of image comparing to their own experience or their  knowledge. Reproduction of art had made accessibly to many people. Through this art has loss a real value of art. People had art hanging in wall and comparing themself and others to the art.

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