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5 Minutes to Relax: Rain | Soothing Rain Sounds for Sleep, Relaxation, Meditation, Calm Down (5013)

You need some relaxation, but have only 5 minutes? Enjoy the relaxing nature sound of gentle rain and watch the beautiful videos of raining moments. Listen t…

Sound has been a big part of my life for relaxation, enjoyment and avoid the noise from surrounding. One of the example i posted above the sound of rain drizzle, I played this sound every night before I go to bed. Not just this sound gives me relaxation and it also nostalgic. I was born in Dharamshala , India. Over there it always rain, Since i was little child I used to fall sleep through sound of rain and still I need that sound because I’m used to it and can’t fall sleep ¬†without it. therefore this sound carry a heavy weight in my life.

Furthermore sound also helps me avoid noise from my neighbor. Every weekend my neighbor had party and they blast music from early morning to night dark which is frustrating because those are my only  day off. The loud music annoys me but it could be joyful to some. What i meant to say is sound could be pleasant or noise, it depends to the listener.