discussion question #4


Publicity purpose to each of us in us consumer society  that we can change out self or our lives by buying something more. This more publicity persuades  us and make us feel richer in some way richer even though we will be poorer by having spending our money. Publicity persuades us this transformation by showing us people who have apparently been transformed and one. In the result it envy people.


Although oil painting and publicity are related to the same principle that you are what you have, however their purpose and effect is very different. Oil painting the owner reflect themselves and publicity is persuades  people to buy more.


The skin dream, Models advertise a skin cream which will cure the acne showing an before and after image of using the cream, how it really cure but in reality those image were edited and the result of face is not because of the cream, it is acquired by make up. It persuaded  people to desire the result of that model has and fooled them to purchase it.


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  1. Ismail

    you did well on your Q1 by summarise what Berger said in the video . I like that , and I was also impressive about the way you detected the difference between oil painting and the publicity .

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