Way of seeing #1

  • When Berger said that the process of seeing is not “natural”, that it is shaped by habits and convention he mean the way we see everything around us is based on our reality and perspective. When we see an art our eyes and mind try to understand the meaning of art based on what we see in our daily life. our knowledge of our surrounding,  our age and experience of communication, the way we try to understand and acknowledge other perspective is the reason  the way we see and understand art. Our perspective on art also depend on how easily it is accessible to us. An art can have any kind of meaning but the way we interpret is based on our view on life not from the artist point of view.


  • Camera and reproduction have been shaping the way we see art. because of camera and reproduction all the famous painting is easily accessible in our daily life, also the perspective of these painting start to change in our life. for example when I was a kid there was re produce picture of “Mona Lisa” and “taj mahal” in our living room. i was growing up seeing these re produce picture everyday. To me they were part of my daily life. so the way I view these picture is different from the people who traveled to India or Paris to see them.  people who saw the original Mona Lisa they understood the beauty and authenticity of the painting, they tried to see what Leonardo da Vinci saw when he started to paint her, they try interpret what her mysterious expression meant. the version of Mona Lisa I saw growing in my house doesn’t have any details to capture or any mystery understand. The way my view shaped isn’t about understanding the famous painting it represented comfort of my childhood home.


  • Berger said the reproduce painting become a form of information. The way re produce picture use to convey massage or part of advertisement to see other product. They became open to interpret based on what we see before, after or next to the reproduce painting. we shape the meaning of a reproduce painting based on the way it presented to us.