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How art can help you analyze

In the video “how art can help you analyze” the narrator explained the three intellectual standard depth, breadth and logic can help us to improve our personal skill,
First intellectual standard is depth,  for many people looking at an art mean just to see the picture but for many others its mean understanding the depth of the art. While look into the picture they try to find the meaning that aren’t surfaced in the painting. They analyze the art and try to understand every aspect of it. In the video the narrator talked about the art “time transfixed” by Rene Magritte. In that picture there were  many unanswered questions. To understand that painting you have look deep into the details of it.
Second intellectual standard is breadth, everyone has their own understating and knowledge of the art. By learning about other people point of view, Having, a wide discussion of every details, and  analyzing various perspective to understand others point of view. When you discuss your point of view with other and try to understand their perspective it always helps you to see more in the art that your eyes might have missed.
Last intellectual standard is logic, when you analyze and widely discuss an art your mind start to make sense of all the details and evidence. Therefore you come with logical explanation for the art you have been analyzing. In the video it showed the doctor analyze a patient symptoms, verify every details and come up with a logical conclusion of the disease the patient have.
Art help us to be more thorough with our analyzing, be more open about other perspective, have widely discussion and form a logical conclusion.

Why art matters?

I recently re-decor my living room wall. It was plain grey color, after seeing for so many years it was making me depressed. I have decided to do something on the wall that will uplift my mood. I changed my wall color and added some colorful painting. The painting made my living room look alive. Every time I look at those painting, I feel good in myself. I believe the art, the colors bring our inner happiness out. We are surrounded by art in our everyday life. By viewing and Understanding how arts communicate help us to be more open about other perspective in life. By Trying to understand the massage artist conveying , remembering every details of an art,  thinking about it, and  trying to find every hidden clues in a painting, these make us more observant and we became more aware of our surrounding. Not only art make us happy and make us more observant it also help to relief stress. I have a painting app in my phone for coloring. It gives you a blank picture to color. Every time I use it I get so focus on painting that whatever the stress I was  feeling it leaves me and I feel much calmer. I feel art bring the positive on people that’s why art matters.