Discussion question 3

  • Nakedness means just to take off the clothes and being comfortable in your own skin. Nude means being watched and objectify by others. There are many products nowadays that use women’s nakedness and objectify them to attract male customers.


  • In the most western works of art where women are naked, men have clothes on. which shows,  by wearing clothes men are superior and women are there only to pleasure men and the people who are looking at her. These art has influenced the society for long time.  Many people still believe  women are born to pleasure men and give birth. People still thinks it’s alright to objectify women.


  • In the work of art men sees women naked  because that is how they want to see women. Women sees themselves in the mirror naked as sight of how man sees them. They judge themselves by the way they look or not look. The female gaze in painting are direct to the person looking at her outside, the person who is looking and judging her beauty. He use modern days magazine model picture these painting which has the same gaze and expression as the older European   In both place the women looking at person who is judging and objectifying them.

3 thoughts on “Discussion question 3

  1. Irina Pistol

    Norjahan I agree with your second paragraph. In many countries still exist the inequality of the sexes, where men are dominant, and women do not ask for their rights.

  2. Ngawang Tashi

    Hi Norjahan,
    I like how you stated your first answer but i just wanted to bring another point of view in some countries they’re really against in such as religion purpose were they dont show no skin at all. i feel like it can be a art to someone and other hand it can be really against someone point off view.

  3. Bella Acero

    I agree with your last paragraph. I believe women today tend to judge themselves when they look into the mirror because of their flaws. Making them want to look better not only for themselves but for attention from others.

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