discussion question 5

Episode 1



  • Real time is what we experience live. In real time people can express their true feeling and reaction. It can’t be control. In other hand digital time everything is organize by machine. Its pre- organize and can be controlled and re-created. We can control digital time based on our feelings and emotion however our feelings and emotions is controlled by real time.



  • He is means that the way we listen to the sound it can help us to located and understand our surrounding.



Episode 2  


  • Public space are for people to use in a freeway without being harassed by security and government. However when stores open these places the freedom get changed. It became someone’s investment there they need security and rules to protect it. public space change to private space in the name of development. Most people ignore these changes because their idea of public space is just park.




  • When country was developing and industrial economy was booming it was hard to control the noise around people. To listen to music and to feel it people start to build hall specifically to enjoy music. Even though the quality of sounds changed because of the walls, and big space. Earbuds are like an auditorium without walls and big space.


  • Sounds can help to navigate space. Makes more aware of our surrounding. There are so many sounds to listen .all we need to do is keep our ears open and listen. Living in New York sound is part of our daiy life. We can’t escape it better if we welcome it.

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