discussion question 7

  • What Kurowski means is people don’t like to go to the record store. But record stores are like a treasure, a place where you might find something amazing to buy, or you get information about the history of the record . however, because of the digital media source of our music has changed, and it became more accessible to everyone. Therefore, those sources start to value the most famous music as powerful and less mainstream music as the marginalized.



  • Forced Exposure, they listen to the music and write reviews about them where Spotify is more about using an algorithm to help people find the right music based on their mood, previous pick, or their search history.




  • Spotify, apple music, pandora, and any other source to listen to music they use our data, and our information to create a surprise playlist for us. Our taste for music change based on those surprises. On the other hand, searching for music is like discovering it. We might like it or not, but it is in our on to discover it.


  • According to Krukowski, noise is the signal we are not interested in, and a signal is a sound we pay attention to. It’s important because what we are not listening to become noise to us.


  • Everything we hear is noise until we focus on a certain sound. The noise we hear is a signal to someone’s ear.


  • In the end, it’s all about how digital tools changing and controlling our hearing. The way we communicate on the cell phone, the use of space to listen to music, using an algorithm to control or taste om music, also managing the noise and signal. Digital tools shape everything

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  1. Sumitra Budhathoki Dhungel

    Hi Norjahan ,
    I agree with you that how digital tools have shape us and the way they controlling to us such as cellphones, earphones and headphones are becoming necessary tools for people these days to avoid noise and to make a space. Additionally, using an algorithm experiment with new sounds and new ways of doing things. Therefore, I think algorithms will expand the variation that we have across music.” This is era of technology so, everything is shape by digital tools and it has become the demands of our society.

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