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Discussion Questions #7

Episode 5

  1.  what Krukowski means in the beginning of the episode where he says “the marginal-the rejected-the repressed-is whatever the powerful have decided is of no use at the moment”   it means that power is being consoled how people want to hear digital information and sound but they are thinking of making sure that the digital still stays with us. The other point that he explains art is not being used the right way  and it is getting forgotten in the power of people.  what krukowski means by the questions is that he wants to find why power its not being used in a proper way of hearing. 
  2. there different because the way the are being used as a good way for digital followers can listen to and that can be something positive.
  3. The distinction between being surprised by music and discovering music that krukowski explains is that being surprised is unexpected in other words didn’t know what they were going to hear and discovering music is when people are interested in a particular sound or music which integers someone to like it.

Episode 6

  1.  according to krukowski noise is the way you hear a sound and how it is being heard. A signal is the way the sound is being heard if its in many different ways that people grab information. These are important because it helps everyone know where the information is being used.
  2. The central idea of noise is that it is being in the digital world can be easy to hear.
  3. this episode relates to other episodes is because the way people is forgetting the whole concept of the way we hear things it can be a radio,news ,sports,or even space but those things help us think on how listening can be very important.

Discussion Question #5

Episode 1

  1.  The point Krukowski’s is making in ways of hearing  is that how we experience time in the real world and experience digital time. The differences is that when you experience the real world there was no technology or computers you had to hear your information on the radio but the digital time is people still do listen but not as much as the the modern  era is visualized. These differences is significant because it helps you understand how people is understanding how to hear by information ,music,sports,and even space and how their relating to one another perspective on how people notice.
  2. what Damon Krukowski’s means by listening as to do  with how we navigate space because how sound is being projected in the radio and the television the way the sounds travels with its beat. 

Episode 2

  1. what Jeremiah Moss means by thew way the Astor place is that to him they are taking advantage by people because how sounds ids being use in company. what Jeremiah moss  say about public and private space  is that public space is for the people can protesters can use their platform in those areas. private space is that people are not allowed in business property. This is important because it keeps the all of the business safe and the way way we can have a better understanding of space.
  2. The significance of Emily Thompson idea of the development of concert is that it brings people together in a positive way and how you have fun will learning all of it. It relates to the ear buds and headphones because with ear bud you can hear music but  with headphones you can talk to people.
  3. My onion in ways of hearing episode 1&2 about sound and space is that they have some similarities like they way they sound the tone of the beat. the sound that Influence from space is interesting because you hear the countdown when the rocket ship is going up into space and you hear the fire of the bottom of the rocket.

  1. In ways of seeing they call advertising image a image that it is visual image. This is significant because how people in the streets and buildings looking at the images it convince people they want to buy a product in a image magazine that shows advertising.
  2. these statement by John Berger is important because it shows how the messages in the images that how they want the people to see in their way they want to convince them.
  3. In the ways of seeing they was a scene where their was a woman with a coke in her hand she was advertising a soda  its message is it wants you to convince that buying a coke will make you happy.

Blog post#3

  1.  the purpose of the essay is to educate because when you so a essay the first time you do it its not going to be perfect so its important to have a first draft so you can improve on your writing and fix mistakes to make your essay better.The person that might be interested is the reader because the reader evaluates the essay on how the essay is being fully explained on what the assignment was about and how they used the assignment in their own perspective. the person who would be impacted is the writer because the writer has to do its job explaining and convincing people not by hearing but seeing what they put in their writing stands out to people. The reader knows the topic because how the writer is introducing its writing and that how you get a clear idea what the writing is about. The reader needs to know to understand the key point of the essay is how the writer is explain the reason of their essay. The hook that would engage and interest to the reader is a question because it will allow the reader in its head to say let me read more.

  1. In ways of seeing John Berger describes the nakedness and the nude for a women in the paintings. john Berger said ” being naked is seeing without clothes” and nude is how the women were seen and judge  of being naked by other people. This is significant because it shows the inequality how women were being used.
  2. John Berger states that western works has depicted and defined by men and women. The example is in the garden Adam and eve and how they realize they are naked and the blame on god towards the woman.
  3. John Berger explains how the mirror is significant and how its depicting the women in the painting. The mirror is significant because the women liked to look at themselves while  they are naked.

John Berger means when he says the process of seeing its not natural is when you see painting and you just focus on one particular object or thing that strikes you but you don’t see the whole picture itself. The camera really helped us see the habits and convection the way we look at things because it help to see deeper what earth loos like. It is significant when we think about art work for viewers because it maybe hope or  escape and thinking bigger out of the box and making the happy.

The camera has changed our perception because it showing how the camera is seeing it and grabbing the details of how the earth is being used in it’s image. The camera changed our engagement with works of art because the it changed original paintings and how it being visualized. John Berger means when the painting is silence and still is that the drawings are popping up in its own image that people are amazed how the person of the painting was very still and precise on how they were able to draw this without any errors. the difference why seeing a artwork in the museum is different from seeing it in a screen or book because you don’t capture the real mood when you are actually seeing the painting in your eyes and you can look at the painting in greater details.

John Berger means when paintings become a form of information it is showing that the paintings is showing a significant i people that they want to copy the paintings the visually seen that intrigued  them. John Berger means when he says talking with reproductions is that he wants art to be visually used everywhere and how people will think or feel when they see it.

Blog post#2

The image that connects with a message is Mary looking at baby Jesus when he is born. It fits with Idea with Berger in Ways of seeing because he talks about how the way painting and art can be still and quiet. the message of Mary seeing baby jesus is hope because we see Mary face looking down at baby jesus showing that she cares about him and shows that their is a king .

“Why Art Matters”by DR. Steven Zucker and DR. Beth Harris talks about how art matters to people. I believe art matters because it has a significant about how artist visualize a object or something and expressing it on an painting or drawing. The good think about art is people have different interpretation which makes it interesting because  people never think in a painting how other people do so its fun to ask questions or ideas about seeing a painting. in addition art can be express everywhere in an building where there is graffiti and tourist and different people can enjoy looking at art forms.


The three categories what makes up good art is accuracy,depth and significance. The video I liked watching was “why Art Matters” because it explains how art is amazing and how it expresses  everything. The video “Why Art Matters’ ‘ relates to the categories because how art is being visualized and critiqued. For instance when art is being visualized people have different prescriptions on how they see a painting or drawing but it is significant in its own way and people realize how art can make you feel good by just observing and thinking. In addition the way people critiques painting or drawing is how it looks if it has a lot of details and is it realistic enough where people will me amazed.The technique the presenters use significance because the painter is really amazing on how they think when they are painting or drawing and imagine how the objects are being visualized with minds. It relates to the reading because the paintings have a history ans culture that people are amazed to see.